TV Guide for week ending 07/04/12

McDonald's Gets Grilled

Ahhh, the televisual wasteland that is the Easter ratings break, allowing all of us to catch up on TV we’ve recorded but not seen or get ahead of the curve via methods legitimate and nefarious. Break out the DVD’s folks – there’s not a lot happening. Or is there? Pretty much everything moves into repeats, [...]

TV Guide for week ending 17/03/12

Fry's Planet Word

Free and clear of the Cricket, now it’s time for the real ratings battle to start. Channel 9 are straight out of the blocks with the amazing doco Great Barrier Reef, the return of 60 Minutes and the very good Great Mint Swindle. Still Channel 7 counter by moving My Kitchen Rules to Sundays additionally [...]

TV Guide for week ending 10/03/12

Adam Richman - Man v Food

Channel 10′s BREAKFAST is settling in; no one really knows (or necessarily cares) what’s happening with EXCESS BAGGAGE; and there’s still a lot of programming that people are wondering where it’s gonna fit in. The AFL is but a couple of weeks away and Channel 7 are poised to make the most out of that, [...]



This looks to be another spectacular series from the BBC, and Channel 9 have been sitting on it long enough to allow Charles Wooley to re-voice the narration and push it to air. Earthflight won’t sit well with people who have issues with flying, as many of the shots have cameras flying in formation with [...]

#YoungDoctors in love with their job

Young Doctors

This is no soap opera, though observational documentaries (“real life reality tv”) can tend to seem like it. This new 8 episode series from Channel 9 Young Doctors offers a fairly frank view on life as a new/recent intern within the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, NSW. It’s part RPA “lite” (not so many medical [...]

60 Minutes – 01/05/11

Peter Walsh - Australia's first double hand transplant recipient - 60 Minutes

Specially moved aside for the Logies, this week’s 60 Minutes graciously fails to fawn over “TV’s night of nights”. For now. Peter Harvey will likely throw in some Richard Reid-esque outlandish statement, and the mailbag will fill for the following week. The stories do look great, though (and there had to be a story about [...]

60 Minutes – Sun 12/12/10

60 Minutes

The Summer series/best of for 60 Minutes is not only providing some great stories from 2010, but also from within the archives. The good thing about the investment by Channel 9 in this show is that it not only is encouraging the collection of intriguing stories but also the development of great production & behind [...]