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For more than six years Steve Molk has been writing and talking about TV.

These are his stories.

(Cue Law and Order theme) Dum dummm…

With 27 free-to-air TV channels, 6 catch up TV services, over 100 Pay TV channels and 3 subscription video-on-demand services, how on earth are you meant to find what’s any good to watch these days?

That’s where Molk’s TV Talk comes in.

I’ll help you solve the problem by sending you a curated list of shows to watch each day to help you navigate through the wasteland of modern Australian television.

For the past six years I’ve been writing about TV on every major website and talking about TV on every major radio network in Australia. I watch more TV than is healthy for two normal humans, all so I can speak about it in an educated fashion. I take the hits so you don’t have to, wading through myriad reality shows, a cacophony of comedy and all the drama dross to pick out the gems… The things that are worth watching.

Think of this daily e-mail as your signpost to water in the TV desert.
Your ice cream on a hot summer’s day.
Your way to help filter out the crap and discover new, exciting, interesting TV every day.

For a measly $5 a month I’ll block out the noise and send you recommendations of things you can watch that day, bank to watch on the weekend, or when it suits you. Shows that will surprise you. Shows that have reached milestone episodes. Shows that get you ahead of the curve and allow you to become that person at work who first told everybody about that show they simply had to watch. Shows that are special nostalgic surprises.

For the cost of one cup of coffee every month I’ll connect you with so much great TV it doesn’t matter how you watch it – phone, tablet, or the black mirror on the wall – just that you have the chance to watch it.

Help me feed & clothe my kids by subscribing for a meagre five bucks. Do a brother a solid, and in the process discover a whole lot of great TV to watch.

Steve Molk

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Infrequently asked questions...
What do we get for $5?

Every day I’ll send you an email. It’s that simple. If you stick around long enough I’ll get my friend from high school to talk to you about the business opportunity he has for you. He’s going to retire by the time he’s thirty!

Can I see a demo of the email before I spend $5?

You actually get the first month for free, so there’s that, but here’s a test/pilot email I sent to three people to see if it was worth paying $5 for. 100% of those three people said yes, so I’m not sure why you’re even still reading this and haven’t subscribed yet.

Can I give you more or less money?

If you’d like to give me more money, then you need professional help. If you’d like to give me less money, unsubscribe by logging in to your account here and your subscription will finish at the end of your current subscription month.

Can't I just find my own things to watch on TV?

Probably, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time seeing if Snapchat has released a new filter yet?

You used to do this for free, why can't I get it for free?

I could either charge you $5 per month or give you the bank details to pay off my mortgage. It was one or the other.

What if the email goes into my spam inbox?

If you have subscribed to the email and it’s not coming to your inbox, you may need to add to your contacts so your email provider knows that I’m not dodgy. If it persists talk to your email provider. Here’s some helpful links for:
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Can we add our own favourite shows to the list?

Sure thing, you’re the one paying me $5 to think of things, but I’m not against letting you do my work for me. Email your suggestions to

But you didn't list everything that's on tonight. What gives?!

This is a curated list, not the newspaper TV guide. I’m trying to cut through the dross and present you with a bunch of different options across FTA, Pay, Catch-up & SVOD. I’ll also keep you in the loop on new things and as the list develops and you let me know of your tastes it will continue to refine and surprise the both of us!

Can I get a free version but totally overloaded with ads?

We’re thinking about it. Keep on waiting, but for today, just throw me $5 so I don’t have to keep on washing windows at traffic lights.

What are your goals for this?

(Look, it’s not Kickstarter, but I’m happy to share.)

A “unique opportunity” presented itself and I thought I’d try something new, sharing what I know with those who would find it helpful.

Hitting my first monthly subscriber goal will allow me to do this full time, meaning you all have my undivided attention to talk about TV and my kids get to wear clothes and eat human food. I’ll also have to pay GST, credit card fees and all that stuff.

The next level will see me launch a “blog-like magazine” that will include reviews, hot takes, podcasts and more. What I’ve been writing but exclusively for subscribers only. You’ll be on the inside of the Australian TV industry.

If can get hit my third subscriber goal (or smash through it) I’ll be hiring other people to add their voices on TV (yes, pay other people) and doing some fun stuff with that. The sky is the limit.

What is important is that you give me your five bucks a month and I send you an e-mail every day.

Do you have an irregularly recorded podcast about all this I can listen to?

You know what? We totally do! Here’s Steve Molk with good friend Josh Withers talking about the entire process…