This looks to be another spectacular series from the BBC, and Channel 9 have been sitting on it long enough to allow Charles Wooley to re-voice the narration and push it to air. Earthflight won’t sit well with people who have issues with flying, as many of the shots have cameras flying in formation with flocks of birds… simply amazing. From the press release:

Earthflight, a stunning and wondrous series showing the world from an amazing new perspective, premieres on Channel Nine on Thursday, February 16, at 7.30pm, narrated by 60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley.

Earthflight combines state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated camera techniques and astonishing aerial images to bring you the world as seen by birds. This extraordinary six-part series from the groundbreaking BBC Natural History Unit, which made the remarkable Frozen Plant series, was more than three years in the making. Prepare to embark on an incredible voyage with the world’s birds, soaring across continents, watching spectacular animal migrations and great natural wonders unfolding below you, and swooping down to interact with life-and-death wildlife dramas on land and sea.

Each episode explores a continent through the eyes of different birds, providing a dramatic narrative of life on Earth throughout the seasons as they take viewers on a fantastic world of flight. The giant condor is your guide to South America, revealing the wildlife marvels of the Andes mountain chain, while macaws explore the rainforest below. Other fascinating episodes see Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia through the eyes of the crane, the barnacle goose, the swallow and the flamingo. The final episode goes behind the scenes to reveal how this astounding, pioneering nature series was made.

Earthflight – premieres Thu 16/2 7:30pm, Ch9.