"It's Colinda's first day, and she's assisting in an operation..."

This is no soap opera, though observational documentaries (“real life reality tv”) can tend to seem like it. This new 8 episode series from Channel 9 Young Doctors offers a fairly frank view on life as a new/recent intern within the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, NSW.

It’s part RPA “lite” (not so many medical procedures or detail), part seven good looking young WASPy things going about the business of saving lives. For some, it’s a chance to sit in on an emergency appendectomy on your first day on the job. For others, it’s draining 14 litres of fluid that has built up on a patient’s gut. There’s no better way for a medical student to learn than on the job, and it’s no different here.

They are all pretty good looking, but their backgrounds are as varied as their placements. It’s these stories outside the hospital that we’re lucky to learn about as it helps us understand each young Doctor’s motivation and drive. For Colinda, Kate, Rory, Leila, Ineke, Mike & “Burgo”

Narrated by 60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley it does at times take on on the feeling that it could simply be a story for the Sunday Night current affairs show. It does deliver a fairly solid insight into the life of the 6 interns and what it takes to be a Doctor in modern Australia.

Young Doctors – Wed 8pm, Ch9.