MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E11

The 2012 Molkies

With thanks to Josh we captured a lot of the action of the 2012 Molkies, including interviews with those that attended and award winners. Everyone's got an opinion when it comes to TV and it was good to hear them shared throughout the evening. On this week's show: We congratulate the winners, commiserate with the losers, and "party on!" with everyone who came along on the night. As always there's time to drop in some news of the week and our Must Watch recommendations at the end (some recommendations are better than others). Keep in touch with us - you can e-mail podcasts@molkstvtalk.com, tweet either Josh or SteveMolk and we'll give you a shout out and everything. That's just the kind of podcast whores we are. We know you love it. There's a growing bunch of shout-outs at the end of the podcast from like-minded peeps, so stay … [Read more...]

Week 6 of 2012 #Molkies voting


That's it, people. We're done. Put your voting fingers away - we have our winners. And you'll find out who they are on Saturday night. The 2012 Molkies are set to party on this Saturday night and for those that haven't scored invitations it will again be live-streamed so that those playing along at home can tune in and enjoy the fun, even if only vicariously? The event will be all sorts of fun with speeches and awards and fairy floss and drinking and television. I hope you can make it, either physically or virtually. This final week of voting has rounded out with our best prize haul yet. Not one, but TWO PVR's - big thanks to Freeview and IceTV for their generous donations. IceTV have again this week offered a one year subscription to their very cool EPG service, AND someone walks away with a Humax PVR! Our final voting week winners … [Read more...]

Week 5 of 2012 #Molkies voting

Molkies statuettes

Our final week of voting is now upon us just as the final two weeks of preparation for the Molkies event. Look for a post tomorrow announcing the event and invitations to follow promptly. It's party time, people, so strap those party pants on! Our second last week has some of the best prizes we've seen in the Molkies voting EVER! Again a very special thanks must go to IceTV for their generous donation again this week of a one year subscription to their very cool EPG service - and a Humax PVR up for grabs NEXT WEEK! The Week 5 are: Dinner for 4 with Danielle from DANIELLE DIXON - Gary W DVD/Merch pack from FREEVIEW - Cara Signed "That Movie Book" from MARC FENNELL - Ali H "Boganomics" from THINGS BOGANS LIKE - Trish M 2 tix to BRISBANE SIT DOWN COMEDY CLUB - Belinda C 2 tix to "Cal Wilson Is All Ears" (MEL ComFest show) … [Read more...]

Week 4 of 2012 #Molkies voting

Week 4 - 2012 Molkies voting

With only two weeks of Molkies voting left, it's absolutely the business end of the season. Look for an announcement this week as to the 2012 Molkies Awards and you chance to maybe score a ticket! Sponsorship options are still available for those interested. Unless there's a massive swing in some of the voting (and that's highly unlikely), at least 4 categories have already been decided by a landslide. These categories include: Highest profile appearance by you; Most Obvious/worst product placement; Best News service; and Worst In Show. That said, it's SUPER tight in a couple of other categories: Best Cameo; and Most Notable Performance by a Journalist. Like "a couple of votes" tight. See what you're a part of??!! This week there's some pretty amazing prizes thanks to our generous voting sponsors. A very special thanks to IceTV for … [Read more...]

Week 1 of 2012 #Molkies voting

2012 Molkies Week 1 Voting - Title

A spectacular start to the 2012 Molkies voting, with lots of attention across social media channels resulting in over 400 people voting in the first week! The campaigns have started too, with at least two of the Gold Molkie finalists starting their social media campaigns for voting. It's heating up... Importantly you spreading the word will ensure the widest audience possible get their chance to cast their ballot, and together we're all helping to change the face of Australian TV. If you've already voted then you're in the running for this week's prizes AND all subsequent week's voting prizes too. Congratulations on being an early adopter. The battle is tight across most categories, as you can see from these four examples: Best promotion/sizzle for a network or show. Most notable performance by a journalist. Best In … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E04

Dario Russo & Sean James Taylor - Danger 5

Well here we go - the first week of ratings, and SteveMolk & Josh are back with another podcast episode to educate, confuse and horrify. Kerri-Anne resurfaces, Sunrise has a nasty case of the delays, Channel 7 finally get their Revenge, House gets cancelled two seasons too late just as it's about to start screening in Australia - there's just so much to talk about. Recorded on Valentine's Day (for all the lovers out there) because Molk had some commitments in SYD on Wednesday... but you'll hear all about that too. Oh, and Josh was REALLY sick. On this week's show: The 2012 MOLKIES! (2:50) THE BIGGEST LOSERs fall in love. (8:40) REVENGE rocks on premiere for Ch7. (12:03) Foxtel launch A&E - with added MEGATRUCKERS! (16:53) Kerri-Anne surfaces on Ch7. (20:05) Ch10's BREAKFAST gets an airdate. 22:34) That's a lot of … [Read more...]