Um... what is that on her head?

It’s slick, fast-paced, and contains more wood than a porn film. That said the new reboot of Charlie’s Angels isn’t all bad… it just mostly is.

Containing all the elements of the original series, the three ladies Kate, Eve & Abby work hard for the invisible Charlie at his dectective agency solving crimes and looking glamorous – emphasis on the latter. It’s not meant to be rocket surgery and there’s a lot to overcome in the first episode to help shift the plot along despite the very poor script. One of many examples:

“You don’t look like cops.”

“We’re not. We’re Angels.”

Umm… sure…

One of the Angels is killed in a car bomb within the first 10 minutes, and while the girls are shocked, they’re off to solve the crime. No time for sorrow, these members of the ‘WTF sisterhood’ have to find out who killed their friend while ensuring their hair is just right and their shoes match their pants. The Angels are all good girls who’ve done some wrong and thanks to a very forgiving Charlie Townsend they’ve been given their chance at redemption through sexiness.

They get their guy, of course, but not before fooling one of his team (in this case, an-almost-as-sexy woman) with the old “plane isn’t really flying, we’re still in the hangar” trick. The bad girl’s reaction is priceless, and we get to see two of the Angels and a very hunky Bosley stride away with the setup in the background. Who’s punking who?

Charlie’s Angels is high-camp in an era that isn’t ready for it, and just enough bubble gum fun you may get hooked. But don’t count on it.

Charlie’s Angels – Tue 7:30pm, Ch9.