Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms

Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms

For five weeks the audience watching Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms have borne witness to the disintegration of a motorcycle club that it’s ego-maniacal leader was too pig-headed to realise he was the reason for it’s splintering. As the Comancheros, led by Jock Ross (Matt Nable), headed west and left behind a disenfranchised, rag-tag group [...]

A man cannot serve two masters (#Homeland S01)


As former CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) fades into an anaesthesia-induced sleep before undertaking shock therapy to help address her bi-polar disorder, she connected the dots. She realised that Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) had been playing everyone for a fool – that he had indeed been turned and was working for Al-Qaeda, [...]

#Revenge is a dish best served by @Channel7au


“When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge…” Channel 7 are on a gold mine with the new series from the US’s ABC network Revenge, which debuted in Australia last night to massive ratings (2,067,000 viewers across the five city metro markets). It’s high drama and lucious [...]

Bye Bye Razorhurst (#Underbelly)

Underbelly Razor - Tilly & Kate showdown

The fourth series in the franchise, Underbelly Razor had a lot going for it – a strong Australian story of criminals in 1920′s Sydney, a great book to base the scripts on, lots of great acting talent signed up, & none of the characters still breathing to proffer legal challenges. With promises of “the biggest [...]

Not as angelic as you think (#CharliesAngels)

Charlie's Angels

It’s slick, fast-paced, and contains more wood than a porn film. That said the new reboot of Charlie’s Angels isn’t all bad… it just mostly is. Containing all the elements of the original series, the three ladies Kate, Eve & Abby work hard for the invisible Charlie at his dectective agency solving crimes and looking [...]



If I lived my twenties like the characters in twentysoemthing lived theirs, it’s very likely I’d not be alive today to talk about it. While I appreciate that I’m far from the target demographic for this show, very little of it resonated as real to me. Do all Gen Y people really drink that much [...]

They Might Be Paper Giants

Paper Giants

Australia’s power couple – circa 1972 In 1972, Sir Frank Packer rolled the dice and gave Ita Buttrose a chance to launch a women’s magazine – eventually to be called Cleo – that would help change and guide the sexual revolution in Australia. Paper Giants launched onto our television screens in all it’s plaid and [...]

What Losers?

Winners and Losers title card

After the spectacular success of the premiere episode of Winners and Losers all eyes are going to be on Channel 7 to see how the second and third eps perform – and not just in the ratings. What’s the buzz? What do “normal” people think? Has it resonated with the target demographic? The two episodes [...]

Underbelly Files: Tell them Lucifer was here

Underbelly Files - Tell Them Lucifer Was Here

Underbelly is back in 2011, however before we get the latest series (Razor) we’re getting our appetites sated by a series of 3 telemovies – tonight, the first: Tell them Lucifer was here. What a first turn. A spectacular turn by Brett Climo as Detective Paul Sheridan, in charge of Task Force Lorimer investigating the [...]


Rake - Lisa McCune & Richard Roxburgh

There’s a moment in S01E05 where three of Cleaver Greene’s past conquests (his ex-wife & now therapist; his mates’s wife in the midst of marital discourse; & his former prostitute who’s now engaged to the lawyer chasing him for his unpaid taxes) are all asleep in his bed in his nasty little Kings Cross flat [...]