So much unrealised screen time

SPOLIER ALERT! To read on will reveal who carks it…

It had to happen. It was overdue. No TV family can be happy that long without some form of tragedy. Tonight, a ‘young’ Rafter passed away, and not before time. She really needed to pay attention to the road and not her mobile phone. And possibly the mournful Coldplay song that was on the radio when she woke up in bed with her husband. And all the lovey-dovey lines she was spewing forth. Even Ben’s narration telegraphed it. And the fact that next week’s script didn’t have her name on it.

Melissa Rafter (nee Bannon) was killed in a car accident tonight on Packed to the Rafters (S03E20). It was a shock to many, however it makes logical sense – it would be suicide to remove one of the core family cast (beyond that which has already left). The drama that will preserve the rest of the series will be how the family cope with what was a ‘picture-perfect’ young couple & their blossoming love and hope of starting a family now shattered by the death of Ben’s wife. Of course, now the writers have a ‘ghost’ character to confront at least Ben with for the next year or so. Keep an eye out for that.

They are emotional moments, the death of a television character. I remember my my Mum bawling her eyes out when Molly finally died on A Country Practice. Same again when Shirley died on A Country Practice. Then she cried the time she wished Bob Hatfield had died on A Country Practice and in real life, but I think that was for a different reason. There have been many deaths ‘in the family’ when we extend life into/out from the silver flatscreen.

Who have been the most tragic television deaths for you? Best or most deserving? Which one made you bawl your eyes out like no tomorrow?


Image sources: Channel 7.