“At least no one died.” (#GoBackSBS S02E03)

Christmas Island Detention Centre - Go Back To Where You Came From S02

Has the journey changed the opinions of the six participants? Has it been more than just an opportunity for Reith & Deveny to lock horns? What's the outcome of this up-close asylum seeker process and how will it help the conversation? Those questions will be best answered in tonight's Insight special on SBS - this is the final part of the journey. All six paricipants arrive in Indonesia, the start of the final leg for many when coming to Australia to seek asylum. Reith, Anderson & Deveny meet Ali Khan & his family who are Afghanistani refugees in Indonesia who would like to go home but it's too dangerous to live there, and they can't stay … [Read more...]

“I just felt so inadequate.” (#GoBackSBS S02E02)

Dinner in Kabul - Go Back To Where You Came From S02

Another incredible season two episode of Go Back To Where You Came From highlights the greater gap between what some privileged and comfortable people of the west take for granted and the stark reality of life as a refugee. There's riots all over Kabul (some may say it's because of the arrival of the three westerners!) because some of the American troops have burned copies of the Koran, and understandably Reith is concerned for his safety. I think anyone would be. Deveny calls him out as being "One of the ministers of a government happy enough to send people back here". Serious safety concerns are being raised, and so the group are given … [Read more...]

“With a lot of people going through the system, mistakes are made.” (#GoBackSBS S02E01)

Dinner at Abdi's - Go Back To Where You Came From S02

The concern that the addition of "Celebrities" to the Go Back To Where You Came From experience would turn it into a sanitised soap box for the prominent Australians involved could not have been further from the truth. The soap box is still there - it's more that the issues facing the participants are more compelling that a specific opinion. Having S01 host/guide Dr David Corlett run the participants through some of what they'd experience in their refugee journey continues to be a strength of the series. His background in refugee issues and experience in dealing with them first hand means he knows better than most the emotions and … [Read more...]

Puts back in what the sponsors take out (@GruenSweat)

Gruen Sweat

It's a complete tease - 4 episodes of the usual Gruen suspects talking sport sponsorship and branding to tie in with the London Olympics, and then it's gone forever. Or at least until the next Olympics. Which, depending on the needs of sponsors, could be sooner than we think. With Gruen Sweat however, we're guaranteed more insight from the panellists in what has undoubtedly become one of the ABC's marquee brands. Returning last Wednesday night Wil Anderson proved he is now more comfortable than ever in the host's chair and is doing a bloody good job of it. His engagement with the panel and audience (in studio and at home) whilst driving … [Read more...]

Can Of Worms, Round 2

Can Of Worms, Round 2

Straight out of the gate, the second episode of Can of Worms felt different. It was pacier, edgier, and they'd dropped the opening monologue and Dicko was behind the desk to start with. It seemed to relax everybody, and we were straight into the conversation. One of the major criticisms of the show from it's first episode last week was that it didn't seem to know what it was doing, or what the guests were supposed to do. Dropping the 'warm up' game from the format and entering pretty much straight into the first worm helped - particularly as the promos tend to warm the audience up by prepping them for the controversy. That everyone knew … [Read more...]

Opening a Can Of Worms

Can Of Worms - first show

After much press, supposition, advertising controversy & preparation, Dicko got to open the first Can Of Worms on the Australian television audiences last night. The show delivered exactly what it promised it would - it got people talking (and tweeting). Those that only stuck around for the first break (10 minutes long) or less didn't get to see the show deliver anywhere near it's best. Dicko was stiff and clearly nervous but had relaxed by the time the guests had... about 3 minutes AFTER the first ad break. Dicko is no stand up yet still delivered a tough monologue at the start of the show and didn't fall off it entirely. When … [Read more...]

Do yourself a flavour!

Adriano Zumbo

(oh yes, I went there.) Many MasterChef fans will know the fear the mere mention of his name brings to contestants. He's burdened them with the macaron tower, the croqembouche and the V8 cake as challenges they've had to reproduce. In a growing pool of celebrity chefs, he's proving to be remarkably ganache-centred. Zumbo is a fly-on-the-flypaper-on-the-wall-of-the-kitchen view of the life of Adriano Zumbo and all the sweet, gooey chaos that entails. His patisserie in Balmain is the destination for the the most amazing treats & sweets across Sydney and around Australia. This series on SBS one shows the man and his team hard at work … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Farewell, Amen Richmond GTV9

Lights, Camera, Action - Television City Celebrates

The studios of GTV9 Richmond have been the home to some pretty special TV since it was converted from a piano factory in 1956 to be the home of Channel 9. Lights, Camera, Party - Television City Celebrates was a justifiably celebratory & nostalgic look at some of the amazing work that has come out of 22 Bendigo St Richmond. It's one hell of a roll call (in no specific order & not comprehensive by any means): Sale of the Century The Paul Hogan Show A Current Affair The Mick Molloy Show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire The AFL Footy Show Hey Hey It's Saturday Nine News Melbourne Chances The Price Is Right The … [Read more...]

The National IQ Test

The National IQ Test

There is nothing - NOTHING - good that can come of this. It wasn't even that it was bad. It was very bad. ARIAs bad. But that was to be expected. I can't even fathom it. Just... just watch this and you'll see what I mean... Ahem. I forgot to add the bit where they offer the incorrect definition of "obsequious" too. And the bit from a promo where the show was "bought to you by" someone who can't spell. It'll probably rate it's pants off.  Sigh.  Allegedly, we get the television we deserve. … [Read more...]

Top Gear Australia

Top Gear Australia - Pizzati, Jacobsen, Page

It’s had a couple of previous iterations on SBS, and since Channel 9’s coup there’s been a lot promised of Top Gear Australia. The cynics mustered (including me), proffering their reasons why this third reboot of the hit UK series would fail. Everything from budget to host selection to lack of high end cars to the fact that every public road in Australia has a speed limit of 110km/h or less. The comparisons are obvious (contractually so), but somewhat unfair. Shane Jacobsen is settling in well as the anchor host. Steve Pizzati, the only survivor of the SBS incarnations of TGA is affable enough. Ewen Page didn’t make a great first … [Read more...]