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Another great #9stream event was held last Thursday (04/03/11) with the entire cast of the Today Show. All of them – Karl (eventually), Lisa, Georgie, Ben, Richard W, Richard R, & “Lil” Stevie Jacobs. An impressive behind the scenes Q&A session, hosted as always by an impeccable Rob McKnight.

It’s a deliciously light and unguarded chat with the team, and having the questions supplied by viewers provides a voice into the team with an access they normally they don’t get (DISCLAIMER: I get a question at 29:10). During the process I also live tweeted the event using the hashtag #9stream, and towards the end as Rob goes into the control room (37:30), they cross back to the panel and Karl was busted on his phone, tweeting. TO ME!

It’s a lot of fun, and the team should be congratulated for being involved and so willing to discuss the ins and outs of breakfast television. Well done all – a great watch! (Careful – It’s a biggun’ though – 40 minutes long! Totally worth it.)

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