I was lucky enough to be present at the broadcast of Channel 9’s second LiveStream event, sitting in the studio at the back and wandering around taking some shots and making a general nuisance of myself. It was tons of fun. Rob McKnight did a great job hosting the event, asking the questions of Brisbane newsreaders Andrew Lofthouse (Brisbane’s own Silver Fox) & Melissa Downes, Adelaide newsreader Michael Smyth, 9 Brisbane News Director Lee Anderson & tech crosses from Mitch Wall.

Being in the studio for the recording was quite weird, as everyone else (except the autocue guy) had an earpiece or headphones on and when they crossed to Michael Smyth in Adelaide – I couldn’t hear him! The entire team that stayed back after the news to be involved were very generous, and I got to have a good chat with Loftea, Melissa & Lee, as well Mitch & Rob afterwards.

Some really meaty discussion came from the questions supplied by those who’d left them on the 9 News Facebook page beforehand, or while the event was on. Some great questions and answers from Lee (arm twisted to appear, but was a superb interview).

A really touching moment happened in the 2nd half of the LiveStream when Rob showed Melissa a segment of her and Loftea presenting the News during the Qld floods where she understandably got a little emotional while leading into a story. Nobody then expected Melissa to tear up again – for reasons she explains in the next segment.

A big thanks and a massive well done to Channel 9, Rob McKnight & his team for all the hard work put in beforehand and the obvious excellent work that was the LiveStream event. More, please.

P.S. Here’s a little bit of my footage from the night. Sort of behind-the-behind-the-scenes. With cheaper cameras.