The 2013 #Molkies – The Winners Revealed

2013 Molkies - Winners

Just. Plain. WOW. What a night! The culmination of over 3,500 people nominating and voting meant the 2013 Molkies were the biggest and best in its short three year history. With photos to come from the spectacular Heath Carney (highlights to appear on the MolksTVTalk Facebook page page), in the interim you can settle for the highlights from the tweetstream while they last. In case you missed it there were some awards handed out last night. You know, at the 2013 Molkie awards. Drumroll please... Best Promotion/Sizzle For A Show Or Network Selling Houses Australia (Lifestyle) Big Brother (Ch9) Howzat (Ch9) - 42.7% Downton Abbey (Ch7) The Show You *HAVE* To Torrent Doctor Who (ABC1) Downton Abbey (Ch7) Game Of Thrones (Showcase) - 26.9% Girls (Showcase) Parks & Recreation (Ch7) Worst. Idea. … [Read more...]

Cancelling @thecircle_ten – the good, the bad & the Henry

The finale of The Circle - Gorgi Coghlan, Pam Barnes, Yumi Stynes

There's been a lot written and said about the demise of The Circle. Everything from a quite direct article from writer Marieke Hardy to the somewhat pragmatic/contrary from media commentator Peter Ford. When the whole thing blew up a week ago, especially when everyone expected news of the cancellation of Ch10's under-performing Breakfast instead of the news The Circle was to go, you'd think someone had cancelled Christmas. There is no question that The Circle made a connection with younger mums and spoke intelligently to them, laughed with them, cried with them. The hosts assembled by Executive Producer Pam Barnes in Chrissie Swan, Yumi Stynes, Gorgi Coghlan and Denise Drysdale chatted with each other on-screen in a way that welcomed the viewer onto the couch with them. All four were never afraid to make fun of themselves and the … [Read more...]

#RIP @thecircle_ten; @TenBreakfast scores reprieve (for now)

Yumi Stynes & Gorgi Coughlan - The Circle

It would seem the home of off-screen drama is well and truly Network Ten, with Breakfast snatching a reprieve from the jaws of cancellation and in its place The Circle getting the axe. The extraordinary nature of the meeting call for the Breakfast team looked for all purposes to be a horrible announcement for them - instead it was the announcement they'd only have to deliver 12.5 hours of live television a week instead of 15. It's a very sad day for Pam Barnes (Executive Producer of The Circle), Yumi Stynes, Gorgi Coughlan and the rest of the on-air and production teams that put the show on every morning with the news the show will finish up this Friday. While costs are always a pressure on television networks it seems strange to axe a show that, while not a ratings success, certainly was a critical one with it's content regularly … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E07

Weekend Sunrise/Today

There was just too much happening this week to find time to squeeze in an interview - so instead there's high quality analysis of each network and how they're performing. We also discuss the impact of Weekend Breakfast television and how it is showing its weekday counterparts up. Also, BAGGAGE WATCH returns because the people demanded it! We also put a pin in CIRCLE-gate with the definitive resolution, so everyone else can stop talking about it and we can all move on with our lives... On this week's show: BAGGAGE WATCH. (1:18) More DANCING WITH THE STARS contestants announced. Stars? - no. (4:05) Weekend Breakfast TV steps up. (9:15) MOLKIES voting continues - do you want the podcast prize?! (17:16) ABC - the home of drama. (19:58) SEVEN - the home of ratings. (34:15) NINE - the home of cricket/NRL (but for how long). … [Read more...]

Hot Potato, Hot Potato indeed (#Wigglegate)

Greg Page - The Wiggles

The Wiggles have been the nice guys of the Australian entertainment industry for over 20 years. In the last 24 hours they've managed to cast a very dark cloud over their relationships and business dealings with the very poor handling of the return of original member Greg Page to the group (and the ousting of replacement Sam Moran). Five years ago, Greg felt he needed to leave The Wiggles due to a health issue that would cause him to pass out and not be able to perform at gigs. A ceremony of sorts was held showing Greg hand over the coveted yellow skivvy to his understudy Sam Moran, with an explanation that Greg was unable to perform and so was, in effect, retiring. When they handed over the yellow skivvy the first time it was front page news on the New York Times, such is the global reach of their brand. Yesterday news broke that … [Read more...]

I know what TV did this last summer…


It's not unusual for changes to happen in the non-ratings season, but they are normally either small and insignificant or changes that are trying to be swept under the carpet (the axing of a failing show or the boning of a fading star). In the last 8 weeks however we've seen some dramatic changes, so if you're just catching up with everything that happened over the Christmas break, here's your cheat sheet (in no order of importance or timeline): Denise Drysdale retires from The Circle "Ding Dong" has been in and out of The Circle for most of the latter part of 2011, so it was no surprise when the show delivered it's final episode for the year that they announced Drysdale was retiring. God bless her and all who sail in her. Sonia Kruger moves to Ch9 for Big Brother AND Mornings/Kerri-Anne Kennerley gets the chop In what became one … [Read more...]

2011 Report Card – Channel 10


At the start of the year, the Ten Network showed so much promise. A risky but solid news strategy, format TV up the wazoo and at least 3 of 2010's hottest shows were coming back with new/additional seasons in 2011. What happened? Gun shy executives and a programming team so overcome with ego they lost sight of why viewers turned to them in the first place. ONE rebranded and changed it's demo focus (for the better, I'd offer); Eleven continued on with some improved programming and very clear theme nights which helped the network build viewers. The primary channel has struggled no end, however it's track record in chopping/changing program orders and places in the schedule have ensured fans seek to get their fix of their favourite shows elsewhere. Such that it is, Ch10's 2011 schedule was mostly disappointing... HITS MasterChef … [Read more...]

Circular Bells


Seemingly, there is nothing the ladies from The Circle cannot do. Cook. Laugh. Replace a woman with a dude. Release a CD. It's fun, and it reflects the style of the hosts and their market, and it's a great way to help raise much needed funds for the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia. Such a good idea. I wonder how many they'll ship? From the press release: Sony Music and Network Ten proudly present ‘Music From The Circle’, a collection of 38 classic hits chosen by “The Girls” from the hit TEN show, “The Circle”. In addition to smash hit songs by artists including Michael Jackson, Prince, Olivia Newton-John and Duran Duran, the album contains a new song entitled “Circle Song”, co-written by Clare Bowditch & Yumi Stynes and performed by Chrissie, Yumi, Denise & Gorgi. The decision to make a compilation album was simple … [Read more...]

An open letter to James Packer & Lachlan Murdoch

Two of these people will change the face of Australian business. The other two are Lachlan Murdoch & James Packer.

Dear Mr Packer & Mr Murdoch, You don't know me. You're even less likely to give a Bentley's spare tyre what I think about televison. I mean, one of you is Australian television royalty; the other is global media royalty. It's in your blood. I've watched it (&, by proxy, you both) all my life. I feel like we share a common bond, and it's this bond that leads me to write to you. As a dedicated free-to-air tv viewer, I was extremely excited to hear you are both investing in Australian TV AND being offered seats on the board of the Ten Network. Snatch up those seats now (I'll happily be your proxy if you can't make a meeting). The angry people in the cheap seats have been snarking for sometime now however it's obvious that, like me, you see the potential in FTA TV with what can be done with digital multi-channelling. In picking … [Read more...]