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YOU’LL BE LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF ABC TV IN 2014 ABC TV today announces its 2014 slate featuring an exciting line-up of Australian content, event television and programs that set the agenda for the national conversation. ABC TV will kick off the year with an explosive start when it hosts the iconic NEW YEAR’S EVE FIREWORKS, live from Sydney Harbour. This four hour television event will be presented by Stephanie Brantz and Lawrence Mooney, and will feature much-loved ABC stars and characters including The Chaser team, Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh), The Moodys and Doctor Blake (Craig McLachlan). The broadcast will include both the 9pm and midnight firework displays, and music performances by Pete Murray, IOTA and Stonefield. Programming highlights include great new dramas such as ANZAC GIRLS, which tells the story of … [Read more...]

Julia Zemiro Brings Her Own Home Deliveries

Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery

Julia Zemiro interviewing interesting people about who they are? Sign me up, front and centre. From the press release: Julia Zemiro joins ABC TV to present a new entertainment show, JULIA ZEMIRO’S HOME DELIVERY, which has nothing to do with pizza or midwifery, and will premiere on Wednesday, September 18 at 9pm on ABC1. This revealing 5 x 30 minute interview show begins with the premise: if you really want to get to know people, the best place to start is where they started themselves... their childhood homes. Each week, Julia will invite one of Australia’s finest comics to take a trip down Memory Lane. And Memory Bus Route. And Memory Bike Path. Julia and her guest will make their way from the seat of childhood memories, the family home, through the surrounding neighbourhood and all the way to the school gate, reliving … [Read more...]

The Great Australian Bake Off

The Great Australian Bake Off

It's been coming all year... and the most recent promos have been infecting your synapses with a Paul Mac-orchestrated version of the song you most likely remember from the end credit of There's Something About Mary. Not familiar with it? Check out the current promo for The Great Australian Bake Off... 10 amateur cooks of various skill & background are put in a tent in semi-country Victoria in the middle of last summer to bake their way to fame and partial fortune. GABO (not Bake Off like their twitter handle promisingly suggests)is ably hosted by Shane Jacobsen and Anna Gare and the contestants judged fiercely but fairly by Kerry Vincent and Dan Lepard. Most Aussies would recognise both hosts from their various TV roles - Anna especially for her ever repeated vita-wheat ads and season co-hosting Junior MasterChef. Jacobsen is … [Read more...]

The Time of Our Lives

The Time Of Our Lives - Stephen Curry & Michelle Vergara Moore

"Family". Whatever emotion it is that you're feeling right now when even thinking of the word is exactly why writing authentic, engaging drama about a group of people connected by birth is so damn hard. It's a multi-facted understanding of relationships, none of which are ever easy and rarely translate well from the page to the flat screen on your wall. Which is what makes The Time Of Our Lives even more astonishing. That Judi McCrossin & Amanda Higgs have so delicately weaved together an extended family unit that reflect decisions we've all made at one time or another and deliver it so realistically makes it a joy to simply watch. It's the Secret Life of Us, all grown up & responsible. Sorta. It’s the time of our frantic, messy, frustrating, funny, sometimes awful, lives. The Tivoli family are no different to any other … [Read more...]

#JackIrish is stunning Australian drama (#BadDebts & #BlackTide)

Jack Irish - Bad Debts

Jack Irish is, without doubt, some of the finest drama you'll see on television this year. Peter Temple's books have been brought to vivid life in the most captivating and compelling manner that will have you drawn into the story and have you on the edge of your seat for both stories - Bad Debts and Black Tide. Jack Irish (Guy Pearce) is a lawyer rebuilding his life after tragedy, though not very quickly. He's mainly dabbling in conveyancing, a little private investigation and debt-collecting - though there's still time to hit the track with Harry (Roy Billing) and Cam (Aaron Pedersen), hoping the bookies won't know what hit them. Independent though connected stories, both Bad Debts and Black Tide offer Irish, the son of a celebrated Fitzroy AFL player, as a self-effacing and incredibly intelligent bloke trying to reconnect with a … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 28/04/12

Keifer Sutherland - Touch

Who would have thought that The Voice Australia would be the massive hit it has been (apart from Channel 9 executives who sold their first borns to ensure it did at least one million viewers)? This week looks to continue what started last week with 3 more blind audition episodes that will mean The Voice continues to lead the pack this week, with the battle rounds in the weeks following as the teams cut from 12 down to 6 in six episodes. At least there's other things of you're interested... MOLK PICKS Dancing With The Stars - Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 The Voice Australia - Sun 6:30pm/Mon 8pm/Tue 7:35pm, Ch9 Modern Family - Sun 7:30pm, Ch10 New Girl - Sun 8pm, Ch10 Beaconsfield - Sun 8:30pm, Ch9 Touch (series premiere) - Sun 8:30pm, Ch10 Louis Theroux's Wild Weekends (rpt) - Sun 10:10pm/Mon 8:30pm, ABC2 The Block - Mon-Fri 7pm, … [Read more...]



On the evening of 25 April 2006, a rock fall in the Beaconsfield Gold Mine in northern Tasmania trapped two miners and killed a third. 14 days later the miners were freed and walked out of the lift to their waiting families and the world's attention. It made Todd Russell and Brant Webb household names, and Larry Knight remembered as the miner who died in the accident. At the time, the Australian media swarmed into town to cover what initially looked to be a recovery mission but five days into the process two miners heard Todd & Brant singing under the rubble and the process quickly turned into a rescue mission. The hope of a nation went into the mine with the rescuers every day following as they worked to free the pair. During the latter part of the rescue 60 Minutes reporter Richard Carleton suffered a heart attack immediately after a … [Read more...]

It’s the stories behind the #PicturesOfYou that matter…

Pictures Of You

"If you really want to get to know someone, there's nothing like looking through their family photo albums." It's the simplest of premises, and while the digitisation of photographs may alter the way we do it, viewing the family photos of people and hearing their stories offers us great insight and understanding as to who they really are. With this in mind the new show from Working Dog, Pictures Of You, shows that the team involved are back to doing what they do best - sharing *our* stories. It's part This Is Your Life, part Enough Rope, and a thoroughly enjoyable opportunity to watch host Brian Nankervis interview his subjects. He's a deft guide, leading and joking with the guest in a disarming manner that allows them to open up about their past and what made them into the person they are today. That they've involved a live … [Read more...]

Overpromised, Underdelivered… (#TopGearAU)

Top Gear Australia

When Channel 9 delivered their first (and the franchise's third) series of Top Gear Australia to our screens last year, there was a lot of consternation. The hosts alone polarised people, and their interaction with each other would have made the Trojan Horse cry "wooden!". Hosts Shane Jacobsen, Ewen Page & Steve Pizzati are affable enough, and having one season working together under their collective (and in Jacobsen's case, shrinking) belt is a positive thing in that their on-screen relationship is much better. They bounce of each other more easily and the outrage is less forced and more genuine. The fourth season currently airing on the network has improved - marginally - however the comparisons with the parent UK series are far too obvious, and they leave the Australian version lacking in almost every area. The AU hosts are not a … [Read more...]

Top Gear Australia (season four) is back!

Top Gear Australia hosts Steve, Shane & Ewen

It's back for a fourth season (second season on Channel 9), and Top Gear Austrlia is finally allowing the hosts to show some of the camaradarie that has developed over the last 12 months of sproadic filming and challenges. It's a reasonable observation that the first (very short) season of TGA didn't exactly capture people's attention last year, so by injecting some additional new talent in Hamish Blake and Andy Lee to the mix - even if only briefly as guests racing the TGA ute around the track - should see some support on Tuesday nights. We'll know pretty quickly, that's for sure. From the press release: Top Gear Australia is returning for its second series on the Nine Network, leaving passports at home, hitting the roads and off-roads of Australia, and bringing new car reviews, motoring challenges and stunts to Tuesday nights. In … [Read more...]