The 2013 #Molkies – The Winners Revealed

2013 Molkies - Winners

Just. Plain. WOW. What a night! The culmination of over 3,500 people nominating and voting meant the 2013 Molkies were the biggest and best in its short three year history. With photos to come from the spectacular Heath Carney (highlights to appear on the MolksTVTalk Facebook page page), in the interim you can settle for [...]

The demise of @TenBreakfast

The demise of Channel 10's Breakfast

Right from the start, Channel 10′s Breakfast was hard up against it. Entering a market where the battle for viewers was bloodthirsty was going to be tough, so it was important the program started on the right foot. Smart casting and a strong announcement supporting it. Dr Andrew Rochford was announced as the first of [...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E40

Last Resort

You want it – you got it. Josh & Molk, back together again (just like we should be). You can play along as we’re live every week at 8pm AEST at http://molk.tv/LivePodcast. So much stuff to catch up on in this podcast! Everything from the demise of Ch10′s BREAKFAST to SBS scoring some FTA coverage [...]

@TenBreakfast & Ten Morning News axed

Ten Breakfast & Morning News axed - Ron Wilson

The calls have been in place since April when the ratings declined from the 51,000 viewer debut and never reared their head again – Ch10 today announced that Breakfast will not return in 2013, and neither will their Morning News product. After the $13m loss recorded this financial year it was never going to survive, [...]

Interview with the hosts of @tenbreakfast

Kathryn Robinson, Paul Henry, Magdalena Roze - Ten's Breakfast

Ch10′s Breakfast has struggled under the weight of expectation on it since it began in February 2012. There’s been some changes on and off camera, and this latest iteration seems to be a lot more comfortable both for the hosts and the audience watching it. When you speak with Kathryn Robinson, Magdalena Roze and Paul [...]

#RIP @thecircle_ten; @TenBreakfast scores reprieve (for now)

Yumi Stynes & Gorgi Coughlan - The Circle

It would seem the home of off-screen drama is well and truly Network Ten, with Breakfast snatching a reprieve from the jaws of cancellation and in its place The Circle getting the axe. The extraordinary nature of the meeting call for the Breakfast team looked for all purposes to be a horrible announcement for them [...]

Is this the end for @TenBreakfast?

Paul Henry - Ch10's Breakfast

The rumour mill ran hot overnight after word spread across social media networks that the entire Ten Breakfast team have been called into an emergency team meeting this morning (Monday 30 July) at 10am. Is the show to be axed (and will it see the week out)? Is there an announcement of a revamp with [...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E17

Louis CK

How can there be so much to talk about in the middle of May? Television, you are awesome. If it’s not the channels fighting over their talent shows, it’s them fighting over the news or fighting over their current affairs stories. And where did CALIFORNICATION go?! Just so much to talk about now that the [...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E06

Paul Henry - Ch10's Breakfast

It felt like Channel 10 week as we sat down to discuss the week in TV. What with BREAKFAST, BEING LARA BINGLE and THE LIVING ROOM there was just so much to discuss. SteveMolk & Josh also tease out one of the most annoying issues on TV today – why do shows that are pre-recorded/edited [...]

TV Guide for week ending 03/03/12

The 84th Academy Awards

Ten has set a precedent for premature program launch-ulation. The Biggest Loser, Young Talent Time, Homeland, and at least a couple have paid off. Tomorrow was meant to signal the first episode of their new morning news/light entertainment program Breakfast though it launched on Thursday last week to capitalise on the developments happening with the [...]