It really is right in the middle of the newsroom…

Ch10’s Breakfast has struggled under the weight of expectation on it since it began in February 2012. There’s been some changes on and off camera, and this latest iteration seems to be a lot more comfortable both for the hosts and the audience watching it.

When you speak with Kathryn Robinson, Magdalena Roze and Paul Henry you’re struck by an overt positivity for the program and the work they’re doing, as well as the authenticity of the hosts off-camera. They’re delightful, disarmingly charming and engaging while not pretending to be anything they’re not. Henry especially is fun to chat with and hear him share his opinions.

Huge thanks go to Paul, Kathryn & Magdalena for speaking with me as soon as they came off air and being so refreshingly candid. Nice product placement, Paul.

Breakfast – Mon to Fri 6am, Ch10.