Junior Masterchef – The Final Week

Greta - 2011 Junior MasterChef Winner

And so the circus rolled into town and began the long, slow, and drawn out process of selecting a winner and a child to wear the crown of Junior Masterchef the 2nd. This series has taken a toll on both viewer and contestant alike. Plenty of viewers have fallen by the wayside as ratings have [...]

Congrats Greta – winner of #JuniorMasterChef 2011

Greta - 2011 Junior MasterChef Winner

Congratulations Greta, winner of 2011 Junior MasterChef. Greta takes home a cash prize of $15,000 and a fantastic Junior MasterChef prize pack of kitchen goodies, while Jack received $10,000 and his own swag of prizes. This season’s finale saw Greta and Jack compete in a series of challenges under the watchful eye of judges Gary [...]

MolksTVTalk – the Podcast (S01E16)

It’s a podcast of extremes: SteveMolk unleashes a no-holes barred barrage about Kyle Sandilands, Kyle’s television career and how Kyle does or doesn’t accepts criticism; Josh delicately balances on the fence not wanting to offend his current and possibly future employer by maintaining a very flaccid “objective” stance on the issue. We also speculate wildly [...]

Junior Masterchef – Week 8

Junior MasterChef - Mad Hatter's Tea Party

With the world on the precipice of an economical disaster, with Europe imploding and set to descend into anarchy, with our Prime Minister and the US President carrying on an affair so blatant one wonders how Tim and Michelle even put up with it, it’s nice to know that there is a little corner of [...]

Junior Masterchef – Week 7


I’m no expert on making television involving children, but I imagine that there are some immutable rules. One would probably be never ask the children to do something you wouldn’t ask an adult to do. Another one might be make sure you keep them to manageable numbers because in a large group one might be [...]

Junior Masterchef – Week 6

Junior MasterChef 2011 recap

Week 6 started with the foreboding knowledge that 4 of the children would be sent home to their dreary lives replete with uninspiring ingredients and inferior quality cooking utensils, as well as being forced “back to school”, a euphemism for returning to state sponsored or private education to learn. Gary asked the kids to let [...]

Junior Masterchef – Week 5

Junior MasterChef 2011 - George Calombaris, ???, Matt Moran

After last week’s embarrassing debacle, where the contestants’ grandmothers’ collective incontinence issues caused widespread water hazards in and around the Masterchef kitchen, the producers erred on the side of caution and decided to move filming to an outdoor and altogether less spoilable location, letting the contestants loose on a 150 acre farm. The kids piled [...]

Junior Masterchef – Week 4

Junior MasterChef recap - Week 4

As Junior Masterchef moved into week 4, the show was beset with negative coverage relating to poor ratings. Unlike its adult version, Junior Masterchef has not successfully carried on the success of the first season into a successful second season, and people are successfully turning off in droves. What has led to this plummet in [...]

Junior Masterchef – Week 3

Matt Moran

Week 3 of Junior Masterchef started with the kids running into the kitchen, innocently oblivious of any occupational health and safety laws they were breaching, such is the joy of youth. George, ever ready to get in the spirit of things, came dressed as a child, while Anna just talked like one. George informed them [...]

Junior Masterchef – Week 2

Junior MasterChef recap - Week 2

The second week of Junior Masterchef begins with the top 20 still to be decided. 7 spots remain. We start with Gary and Anna announcing that 4 aprons are up for grabs, while Lily explains that she really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really wants to be the next Junior Masterchef, unaware that her [...]