It’s a podcast of extremes: SteveMolk unleashes a no-holes barred barrage about Kyle Sandilands, Kyle’s television career and how Kyle does or doesn’t accepts criticism; Josh delicately balances on the fence not wanting to offend his current and possibly future employer by maintaining a very flaccid “objective” stance on the issue. We also speculate wildly over the content of the 2012 schedule launches of both ABC TV and Channel 9, while contemplating our navels and battling with ever-crappy internet speeds afecting Skype. (I also need to apologise for the length of this one. There was just so much we needed to cover.)

TV, thy name be podcasted:

  • This week’s News has been replaced by rants and speculation (1:41)
    • Kerri-Anne vs Sonia Kruger vs Ch9.
    • Big Brother (among other things) confirmed for Ch9 in 2012.
    • ABC program launch for 2012.
    • Julia Morris wins Celeb Apprentice AU.
    • Reece Mastin wins X Factor AU.
    • Greta wins Junior MasterChef AU.
    • Kyle & Jackie O’s Night With The Stars – a television enema.
    • Jabba broadcasts backstage from the ARIAs.
    • Warwick Capper’s World.
    • Bye Bye Spicks and Specks.
  • A finale of ratings (52:56).
  • Even though it’s the end of ratings, there’s still some great MustWatch TV (58:08).

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