The Molkies Golden Ticket

Molkies Golden Ticket

That's it! Voting done - we have our winners (and as I stated today on 612 ABC Brisbane the results are in a briefcase handcuffed to a guy's arm, and we've sealed him in a safe), with all to be revealed on Saturday night at the glittering media party of the year - the Molkies! The response was amazing. Over 600 people voted and left their details to be eligible for prizes; over 200 more voted but opted out of leaving their details. For a first time out, the Molkies have captured the nation and are preparing to send a clear message to the networks as to what people really want on their TV (and what they expect in awards shows). Congratulations to our golden ticket winner: David H. He'll be joining all number of Australian media personalities and random twitterers at the 2011 Molkie awards (proudly sponsored by Queensland Vacation … [Read more...]

Week 5 of #Molkies voting

Molkies Week 5

SURPRISE! While I was planning to end the Molkies voting today, I've extended it for one extra special week. The final prize up for grabs is TWO TICKETS TO THE MOLKIES!!! That's right - one lucky voter and their plus one could win the chance to attend what will be the media event of 2011. The prizes for the two lucky winners this week are: a 1 year Ice TV subscription; & a Magic TV Dual HD tuner PVR, courtesy the wonderful people at Freeview! Congratulations to: Brett C - Ice TV Subscription Bernie Y - Magic TV Dual HD PVR from Freeview Strap in people - this week will be the biggest yet! To get you all excited and to help you understand just why the Molkies will be the media event of the year... The event will be hosted by Julian Schiller, featuring entertainment by Brisband Scat, & include media luminaries to … [Read more...]

Week 4 of #Molkies voting

Week 4 of voting in the Molkies

Only one week to go. The voting is tight, and the competition for tickets to the Molkies for best twitter/other promotion is entertaining and hilarious. Get involved and you could be at this glittering event too. So special... so many secrets... For now, this week's winners will have to settle for: a 1 year Ice TV subscription; 2 tickets to George McEncroe's Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show "The Care Factor"; an ABC DVD pack including the first Rake DVD courtesy ABC TV; & the Gruen Transfer Season 3 & Gruen Nation DVDs, thanks to Wil Anderson! The winners this week are: 1. Ashley M - Ice TV Subscription 2. Mandy J - 2 tickets to George McEncroe's MICF show 3. Peter S - ABC DVD pack 4. Maggie P - Gruen DVD pack from Wil Anderson As always - congratulations to those who voted and won, and complete thanks to … [Read more...]

Week 3 of #Molkies voting


We're so nearly there it's not funny. Lots of voting has meant some more changes to category leads, and the opening of the latest promotion to promote the Molkies (get involved and you could win tickets to the event proper!). For now, this week's winners will have to settle for: a 1 year Ice TV subscription; 4 tickets to the Brisbane Broncos vs Newcastle Knights NRL game on 11 April (event tickets only) thanks to Channel 9; and two personally signed books – this week one from Tim "Rosso" Ross and one from Derryn Hinch! The winners this week are: Warren S - Ice TV Subscription Matthew N - 4 Broncos tickets Craig - Signed book from Derryn Hinch Hayley - Signed book from Tim Ross Massive congrats to the winners, and of course a huge thank you to the sponsors who’ve for donating the prizes. Tell your friends - two weeks of … [Read more...]

Week 2 of #Molkies voting

The Molkies - Week 2

Even more people this week are wanting to spread some Molkies love - more voting, and the lead changed on a couple of categories twice (including the Brown and Gold Molkie!). It's all happening. Seeing as you're all so devoted, these are the things I can tell you (sizzle alert!): Channel 10's "Group Therapy" promo is coming last in that category. Portia de Rossi's performance as a guest is currently NOT considered to have been the worst. The Internet is beating two networks as the source you turn to for your news. Sunrise is beating the Today Show in the Worst In Show category, but both are well off the pace of the top 3 shows. The person leading the race for the Brown Molkie changed 4 times this week, and the current leader is ahead by 4 votes. We have a new contender in the race for the Gold Molkie! SEE! I told you … [Read more...]

Week 1 of #Molkies voting

Molkies Week 1

It's been a HUGE first week for the Molkies, with over 230 people voting already. A massive thanks to all of you who have already voted, and a big kick up the bum to those that haven't yet. Your input in voting will send a clear message to the networks across the board - the people want what the people want. So please, spread the word. There are a couple of clear leaders, and a couple of very tight battles in the categories. Here are the progress charts on 4 of the categories (no names, no pack drill): Best promo/sizzle for a show or network Most notable performance by a journalist The Brown Molkie (the person you always change channels to avoid) The Gold Molkie (the person you always change channels to watch) Of course, the Molkies wouldn't be the success they are without very generous sponsors and prizes. The … [Read more...]

Voting open for 2011 Molkies!!!


The numbers have been crunched, and the 2011 Molkies are ready to go. All the nominations are collated, and only the entries with the most nominations have made it to the shortlist. It'll likley be controversial, but it's all in good fun. The biggest and best new television awards in Australia are here... and it's time for you to cast your vote. Voting is open until 9 April 2011, and you can only enter once. However, all entries are open to the weekly PRIZES available for all voters. Yes - prizes. Each week everyone who has voted will be in the draw to win: signed books (from Caroline Overington, Derryn Hinch & more), TV merch packs, tickets to comedy shows & the NRL, and even a PVR! We've also been very generously donated statuettes for the Gold & Brown Molkies. Prizes will be announced via Twitter and the weekly update post, … [Read more...]

Old media vs new media – a snapshot

Old Media vs New Media

The debate will rage for eons. As soon as 'new media' becomes 'standard media', something 'new-er' will appear making it 'old media'. For now, the debate is about the effectiveness of Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Quora/SomethingElse and how they do/do not affect or alter the current traditional media and the way we consume it. 'Old media' snobs look down at anyone within their ranks that involves themselves in these new mediums, claiming they're lazy. The new kids (& old ones too!) that have embraced social media are finding it helps them with their sourcing and development of stories. As more and more politicians, companies and services start taking social media channels seriously, more and more information is being delivered with authority online. A perfect example of this is how well the Qld Police Service media unit & the … [Read more...]

Top10 All-Time Favourite Christmas films

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The Christmas movie is a specific genre of film that is designed to have the happiest of endings. "Peace on earth, goodwill to all men" kind of endings. "Giving presents to everyone with a lovely staged warm family Christmas shot" kind of endings. Funny how there's no Australian Christmas films - no snow here - but I digress... Now, I could take umbrage with this list, as it's clearly not got anything released inside the last 3 years, but it's still a great resource. Instead I went to Twitter to get YOUR favourites and following is the collated results to give us the Top10 All-Time Favourite Christmas films (it's both surprising and it's not). 10. Santa Claus: The Movie This has lost some of it's lustre since people realised Dudley Moore really wasn't ever entertaining, but gains some support back as John Lithgow proved he was … [Read more...]