The Molkies Golden Ticket

Molkies Golden Ticket

That’s it! Voting done – we have our winners (and as I stated today on 612 ABC Brisbane the results are in a briefcase handcuffed to a guy’s arm, and we’ve sealed him in a safe), with all to be revealed on Saturday night at the glittering media party of the year – the Molkies! [...]

Week 5 of #Molkies voting

Molkies Week 5

SURPRISE! While I was planning to end the Molkies voting today, I’ve extended it for one extra special week. The final prize up for grabs is TWO TICKETS TO THE MOLKIES!!! That’s right – one lucky voter and their plus one could win the chance to attend what will be the media event of 2011. The [...]

Week 4 of #Molkies voting

Week 4 of voting in the Molkies

Only one week to go. The voting is tight, and the competition for tickets to the Molkies for best twitter/other promotion is entertaining and hilarious. Get involved and you could be at this glittering event too. So special… so many secrets… For now, this week’s winners will have to settle for: a 1 year Ice [...]

Week 3 of #Molkies voting


We’re so nearly there it’s not funny. Lots of voting has meant some more changes to category leads, and the opening of the latest promotion to promote the Molkies (get involved and you could win tickets to the event proper!). For now, this week’s winners will have to settle for: a 1 year Ice TV [...]

Week 2 of #Molkies voting

The Molkies - Week 2

Even more people this week are wanting to spread some Molkies love – more voting, and the lead changed on a couple of categories twice (including the Brown and Gold Molkie!). It’s all happening. Seeing as you’re all so devoted, these are the things I can tell you (sizzle alert!): Channel 10′s “Group Therapy” promo [...]

Week 1 of #Molkies voting

Molkies Week 1

It’s been a HUGE first week for the Molkies, with over 230 people voting already. A massive thanks to all of you who have already voted, and a big kick up the bum to those that haven’t yet. Your input in voting will send a clear message to the networks across the board – the [...]

Voting open for 2011 Molkies!!!


The numbers have been crunched, and the 2011 Molkies are ready to go. All the nominations are collated, and only the entries with the most nominations have made it to the shortlist. It’ll likley be controversial, but it’s all in good fun. The biggest and best new television awards in Australia are here… and it’s [...]

Old media vs new media – a snapshot

Old Media vs New Media

The debate will rage for eons. As soon as ‘new media’ becomes ‘standard media’, something ‘new-er’ will appear making it ‘old media’. For now, the debate is about the effectiveness of Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Quora/SomethingElse and how they do/do not affect or alter the current traditional media and the way we consume it. ‘Old media’ snobs look down at anyone within [...]

Top10 All-Time Favourite Christmas films

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The Christmas movie is a specific genre of film that is designed to have the happiest of endings. “Peace on earth, goodwill to all men” kind of endings. “Giving presents to everyone with a lovely staged warm family Christmas shot” kind of endings. Funny how there’s no Australian Christmas films – no snow here – [...]