Even more people this week are wanting to spread some Molkies love – more voting, and the lead changed on a couple of categories twice (including the Brown and Gold Molkie!). It’s all happening.

Seeing as you’re all so devoted, these are the things I can tell you (sizzle alert!):

  1. Channel 10’s “Group Therapy” promo is coming last in that category.
  2. Portia de Rossi’s performance as a guest is currently NOT considered to have been the worst.
  3. The Internet is beating two networks as the source you turn to for your news.
  4. Sunrise is beating the Today Show in the Worst In Show category, but both are well off the pace of the top 3 shows.
  5. The person leading the race for the Brown Molkie changed 4 times this week, and the current leader is ahead by 4 votes.
  6. We have a new contender in the race for the Gold Molkie!

SEE! I told you it was cool.

In other spectacular Molkies news, I got to see a pic of the statuettes today… which I’ll include here simply to get you as excited as I am about the impending awards ceremony (yes, I’m committing – in some form or fashion there will be a Molkies ceremony).

SIZZLE: They're real (just not painted)!

The other important thing is that this week we’ve had some very special prizes for all who’ve voted so far: a 1 year Ice TV subscription, a CD pack from Southern Cross Media, and two personally signed books – one from Caroline Overington and one from Mia Freedman! This week’s lucky winners are:

  1. Matthew D – Ice TV Subscription
  2. Emma D – CD pack from Southern Cross Media
  3. Jason L – Signed book from Caroline Overington
  4. Louise B – Signed book from Mia Freedman

A huge congratulations to the winners, and a very massive thanks to the sponsors who’ve generously donated prizes. If you weren’t sure that it was possible, we’re maintaining the quality & quantity of prizes into this week… so keep an eye out for the announcement via Twitter & Facebook shortly. Spread the word – voting will change the Australian TV landscape for the better.