Hamish and Andy’s #GapYearSouthAmerica

Hamish & Andy's South American Gap Year

It's become a reliable franchise for Nine - let Hamish & Andy do pretty much whatever they want, film it, and it'll be guaranteed ratings. The series has developed since the first in the US and now it's all about the two boys in whatever "fish out of water" scenario they can put themselves in. They've got it down to a fine art. From the press release: Hola! Hamish and Andy are back for another Gap Year - this time South American style! With no survival training to speak of, and just their ill-informed sense of adventure packed in their ruck-sacks, the guys will travel deep into the Latin continent, learning the painful art of blow darting in the Amazon jungle, getting down and dirty sewer diving in Mexico, taking a nap with some sloths in Cost Rica, and driving the death road in Bolivia to deliver lunch to a family of flying … [Read more...]

Who Says You Have To Make Something Of Your Life? (#Twentysomething)

Twentysomething series two - Josh Schmidt & Jess Harris

Jess & Josh are back from their "honeymoon" in Europe & both recognise they need to find themselves & some responsibility. If only one of them knew what that really meant. Welcome back Twentysomething. The happy couple return home to... not a whole bunch. All their friends have moved on, Josh's brother and wife have had their bub, and now all that's left is for them to settle back into life is to find a place to live, find careers and find partners. Simple. Jess Harris & Josh Schmidt deliver another biting series where Jess & Josh are that little bit more experienced and yet with even less idea. Jess is as selfish/self-confident as ever and Josh remains her doormat and in their sham marriage and they're fine with that. Harris's writing has certainly matured as each ep offers a more balanced view of Jess's utopia as her … [Read more...]

2012 Report Card – @Channel9, @GEMchannel, @GOchannel, Extra

2012 Report Card - Ch9

2012 was Channel 9's best year in a long time (and they needed it to be after the annus horribilis of 2011). A lot of their reality and drama product delivered very strong ratings and they held charge with the number one show for the year - the breakout hit that was The Voice Australia. Their NewsCAFF products improved its position under new leadership, and their newest addition to their morning schedule took up the challenge and beat the reigning champion a couple of times - something even they wouldn't have predicted. The network even ended the year on an incredible note with what looks to be a done deal over their debt equity issues (all delivered by the boss while still managing to attend the birth of his first child). Is it not surprising the entire network looks to have a skip in its step? Consequently this year's report card is … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 28/07/12

Wil Anderson - host of Gruen Sweat

The Olympics cometh - and so this week it means the bulk of the finales and the start of a few shows to tide over those not watching "That Big Sporting Event In London" for the next couple of weeks. Downton Abbey & Revenge finish up for Ch7 - both of them hits for the network, delivering solid ratings and heralding the return of both period drama and prime time soap opera as successful TV. Following the final episode of Revenge, the new Christina Applegate/Wil Arnett sitcom Up All Night kicks off on Monday and it's pretty funny. A better insight to the egos of TV than it is a parody of parenting. The Shire is back for another delightful romp, guaranteed to cause controversy. This week also sees the end of MasterChef Australia season four - a success in all regards - and the start of MasterChef All Stars which should continue the … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 23/06/12

Cast - Dumb, Drunk & Racist

Short of the launch of The Voice Australia this week will be the biggest we'll see this year - the season finales/grand finals of both Dancing With The Stars AND the two-part finale of The Voice Australia. Amidst this chaos, Man vs Wild pops back up, and Pictures Of You has one of the funniest men alive in Ross Noble on to talk about his life reflected in his photos - it's such a great series. This week, one of the most important series since Go Back To Where You Came From starts on ABC2 - Dumb, Drunk & Racist. Made by the same production company in Cordell Jigsaw there's definite comparisons and yet Joe Hildebrand adds a distinctly anarchist edge. MUST. WATCH. TV. MOLK PICKS Dancing With The Stars (Season Finale - 3 hrs) - Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 The Block - Sun 6:30pm/Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9 New Girl - Sun 7pm, Ch10 The Voice Australia … [Read more...]

Achtung, Baby! (@hamishandandy #EuroGapYear)

Hamish & Andy's Euro Gap Year

After an underwhelming start it found it's feet once the stars spent more time out of the studio. With Hamish & Andy's Euro Gap Year the boys in question will be out and about more often which will make all the difference. How funny it will be is up to Hamish & Andy. We'll be watching, if only to get the answer to the question about his "timeslot tatt" from last year - different time in 2012, so has it changed? From the press release: After immersing themselves in American culture last year, Hamish and Andy have decided you can never stop learning and it would therefore be irresponsible not to take another gap year in 2012. The Nine Network’s new series, Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year, will feature the boys’ travels and adventures throughout Europe and be broadcast weekly from The Lord Stanley, a disused pub in East London. … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E13 – Logies Live Event

Hamish Blake - 2012 Gold Logie winner

Congratulations to Hamish Blake, winner of the 2012 Gold Logie award. Blake beat out an impressive list of nominees including 2011 winner Karl Stefanovic, dual 2012 silver Logie winner Adam Hills, 2012 silver Logie winner Asher Keddie, Carrie Bickmore and Esther Anderson. It capped off what was a VERY long broadcast filled with the usual lengthy speeches, gaffes, mediocre performances and controversy. The Logies is always enjoyable though halfway through you realise it's very late and there's still so much of it to go! Certainly Channel 9 need to look at broadcasting the program live in future years so as to save from spoilers (be they from inside the venue or 'accidentally' published on a newspaper website) - and the network needs to tighten the broadcast significantly. Coming in at nearly four hours thirty minutes it's a marathon I'm … [Read more...]

The first ever #MolksTVTalkLIVE podcast recording!

The Regatta Hotel, Toowong

This Sunday night, a very special event will take place in Brisbane, Australia... the first ever live recording of MolksTVTalk the Podcast, celebrating the LOGIES! The kind people at the recently re-opened Regatta Hotel in Toowong, Brisbane have flung open their doors to us and allowed us to not only record the podcast there, but to watch the 54th Annual Logie Awards at the same time! It will be a night of hilarity and television, where the real winner will be you - the participant! Come along for dinner and a drink, and stay for the podcast/show. There'll be pseudo-celebrities, TV-inspired snark, actual prizes to giveaway and a 21st Birthday party in the room across the hall that we can crash if things get boring. So come one, come all to what is sure to be a night enjoyed by at least Josh and I, and possibly a few others as well. … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E12

Raising Hope

Oh. Em. Gee. Boy do we at MolksTVTalk know how to jump on a bandwagon. You may look in One Direction, but we'll point you in the other One Direction. #1D. And so forth. With the Logies all but upon us there was lots to talk about there, including the recording of our very special Logies LIVE podcast this coming Sunday night. It's sure to be fun, so if you're in Brisbane/South East Queensland make sure you come down and watch the show and join in the podcasting fun. There's also a crapload* of new programs about to start and we had to make sure you were aware. So be aware, people. Foxtel also did some stuff worth mentioning, some people had some anniversaries, some shows got renewed, and we still found time to answer your questions. What nice people we are. On this week's show: Special LOGIES podcast. (1:32) LOGIES preview … [Read more...]

2012 Logies Nominees

2012 TV Week Logie Awards

The Logies are back for another year, and there's the usual batch of surprises - both for the inclusions as much as the omissions. Given his 'nice guy' status Hamish Blake was always going to be lining up for a raft of awards this year, and the Gold Logie nomination isn't outrageous. Not one nomination (especially a Most Outstanding one) for Angry Boys seems incongruous with the critical acclaim heaped on the series by the industry. The nominations for Asher Keddie and Rob Carlton for their roles in Paper Giants are thoroughly deserved, as is the nomination for the telemovie itself. Can Karl make it 2 for 2 in 2012? Keep an eye on Ch9's campaign to help get him across the line ASAP - in fact, given how successful it was last year, expect the same from all networks for their nominated stars. You get to have your say too - voting in … [Read more...]