MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E06

Paul Henry - Ch10's Breakfast

It felt like Channel 10 week as we sat down to discuss the week in TV. What with BREAKFAST, BEING LARA BINGLE and THE LIVING ROOM there was just so much to discuss. SteveMolk & Josh also tease out one of the most annoying issues on TV today – why do shows that are pre-recorded/edited [...]

TV Guide for week ending 03/03/12

The 84th Academy Awards

Ten has set a precedent for premature program launch-ulation. The Biggest Loser, Young Talent Time, Homeland, and at least a couple have paid off. Tomorrow was meant to signal the first episode of their new morning news/light entertainment program Breakfast though it launched on Thursday last week to capitalise on the developments happening with the [...]