Australia has a reasonably strong history in sketch comedy. The Comedy Company, Fast Forward, Full Frontal, The Mavis Brampston Show, The Late Show, The Bolt Report… so many programs that ran on the smell of an oily rag and yet delivered us some very funny comedy while making stars of the cast and their characters.

Good sketch comedy is hard to do and with Kinne it’s made to look effortless.

Troy Kinne with collaborative partner Max Price have brought to television some of their very funny characters from their YouTube sketches along with a bunch of new content and characters. The “Regretful Bets”, “Actual Bachelor” and “IKEA” sketches are standouts from the first episode and strength of the writing and performing continues into the subsequent episodes. Can you get in anywhere with a ladder?

Kinne has form. He was a stand-out panellist on the first series of Have You Been Paying Attention?, in a number of sketches for Peter Helliar’s The Bounce, and has been all over radio and the stand-up scene for the last 5 years. His straight forward yet laconic approach has helped him win a number of stand-up competitions around the country PLUS he’s been writing and filming sketches for his YouTube channel for a couple of years.

No comic slouch and possessing superb timing Kinne has leaned hard on his mates and has surrounded himself with a cast that deliver time and time again with each new situation. Joining the show’s namesake and Price are amazing comics in their own right Nick Cody, Des Dowling, CJ Fortuna, Elliot Loney, Nicolette Minster, Nikki Osborne, Tom Siegert and Emma-Louise Wilson, along with some great cameos from Josh Lawson, Ronny Chieng, Celia Pacquola and others. For mine Fortuna and Minster are standouts every time they’re on-screen, though everyone more than pulls their weight.

If you like Kinne – and given the chance to see the show you probably will – make sure you show your support by liking the show’s Facebook page or following them on Twitter. In an era where social media is everything and nothing you’d be surprised how much a TV Network pays heed to likes, follows and shares.

Kinne is laugh out aloud funny. It doesn’t pretend to be smart or satirical – it just makes fun of everyday stuff. It’s great and, uh… yeah. It’s real great. I liked it. A lot. So, you know… there’s that. Just ENJOY it. GOD, WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO OVER THINK STUFF?! My Mum told me it would work out like this…

Kinne – Tue 10pm, 7mate.