As the strains of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” ring out from the television, we’re under no allusions as to how Channel 7 are trying to pitch their new Australian period drama Wild Boys – the boys are wild, and they’re having an awful lot of fun.

It’s 1860’s western New South Wales. A glorious time where the frontier of Australia consisted of gold miners from all over the world, free settlers, and business people forging a life in the often unforgiving bush. Where there’s money, there’s bushrangers, and these bushrangers are far too likeable.

Jack Keenan (Dan MacPherson) & Dan Sinclair (Michael Doorman) are friends and larrikins who’ve been in some pretty tight spots – none worse than when they get on the wrong side of Superintendent Francis Fuller (Jeremy Sims) from the day he arrives. Of course Jack only has eyes for Mary Barrett (Zoe Ventoura), proprietor of the Hopetoun bar, butcher and brothel (such a great combination). But so does Jack’s old mate Sergeant Mick Scanlan (Nathaniel Dean).

Meanwhile, Superintendent Fuller becomes fascinated with the daughter of the Mayor of Hopetoun Emilia Fife (Anna Hutchinson), who in turn is secretly in love with the local Farrier, Conrad Fischer (Alexander England). You can imagine how that will play out.

Wild Boys is a rollicking boys-own adventure that the whole family will enjoy. The chemistry between MacPherson and Ventoura is obvious, and the friendship Doorman and MacPherson share belies the short period of time they’ve known each other. The cast talk about the joy they’ve had shooting this and this leaps from the screen, making the show very easy to like. Wild Boys is just going to be a series that will be a bunch of fun to watch.

Wild Boys – Sun 7:30pm, Ch7.