Yeah... Just don't bite me and give me magical powers.

I remember fondly watching Michael J Fox slam dunk a basketball in full wolf suit in 1985’s Teen Wolf. I saw it at the cinema with friends. We had fun. Michael-fricken-J-fricken-Fox, man! TV’s Alex P Keaton! I also choose to ignore that they took the franchise a step too far with 1987’s Teen Wolf Too starring Justin Bateman (Pfft! Mallory’s real life brother, who’ll ever think he’s funny?!).

2011’s TV series Teen Wolf is squarely targeted at the Twilight generation, though considering the graphic nature of the content and the late timeslot it’s been delivered, I’m not sure how many people that will leave to watch it. Those that get hooked will be as passionate as Downton Abbey fans, leaving normal humans unable to hold a rational argument with them about the show.

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) is your standard C student, and with BFF Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) gets into all manner of strife. After all, Stiles’s Dad is the local sherriff and what teen doesn’t want to go and check out the latest crime scene? Oh the hilarity. Scott is attacked one night when out with Stiles and cue opening titles.

It’s every teen drama played out ever, now in a weekly serial format with werewolves:

  • Boy is bitten by werewolf.
  • Boy meets new girl.
  • New girl is hot.
  • Boy suddenly is able to perform great feats, impressing new girl, for some unknown reason to boy.
  • New girl falls for boy.
  • Boy feels funny when around girl on first date – runs away.
  • Boy discovers he’s a werewolf.
  • Awkwardness between boy and everyone ensues.
  • The end.

You’ll predict all other twists as the first episode plays out. The show is so angsty it literally smells of Smallville in a way that may make you uncomfortable. Keep an eye out for Scott’s Lacrosse coach – weirdly hilarious (and what’s with America’s fascination with this non-sport?). The first episode finishes with a big TO BE CONTINUED… I’m still not sure if that’s a promise or a threat. As this episode goes to air Australia is 6 episodes behind the USA, with a 12 episode first season ahead of fans.

The acting is pretty dry – don’t come looking for layers of emotion; the antagonist bully is standard fare and sulks about, appearing when you most expect him; and the CGI is a little haphazard (deer bad, wolf good). The most disturbing thing is that as I write this review, knowing full well what Teen Wolf is and how much it didn’t grab me, I now want to see episode 2. Bloody hell.

Teen Wolf is harmless fun and escapism for those that like their drama light and with bite.


Teen Wolf – Mon 9:30pm, Ch7.