“Hands on buzzers, let’s play Spicks and Specks…”

From the outset, the return of Spicks and Specks had many nervous. How could anyone replace the iconic cast of the first seven seasons? How would the show stack up against so many repeats continuing on ABC2?

Look – the old cast aren’t coming back and you’re just gonna have to deal with that. Go complain about it on the Spicks and Specks Facebook page like every other nutter has.

If you love the show, then you’ll be pleased with this new incarnation of Aunty’s favourite musical parlour games show. New host Josh Earl and team captains Ella Hooper and Adam Richard are individually talented performers with experience up the whazoo and it shows in their respective roles on S&S. As a core trio the chemistry is obvious – they like each other and clearly revel in being involved with the show.

Earl as host is thoroughly charming and will win over even the strongest skeptic. He’s likeable (very important), clean cut (means nanna will like him) and witty as. Hooper and Richard both bat well above their respective weights as team captains and allow their guests to shine – crucial to the success of the format.

The set is slightly tweaked, there’s a couple of new games and sure, the faces are new – but it’s still the same Spicks and Specks we love. Quirky musical acts, silly asides, music trivia… it’s all still there. The new Spicks and Specks shouldn’t even be classed as “v2.0”. It’s like putting on a new, warm jumper made of the same thing that your favourite old jumper was made of and it feels enveloping and relaxing. Almost nostalgic but with some new edges.

Spicks and Specks is unequivocally enjoyable television that people will dig. So much so that in another 10 years people will be complaining about the “others” that have replaced Josh, Ella and Adam. Turn on, tune in, love it to bits and shut the haters out.

Spicks and Specks (S08) – Wed 8:30pm, ABC1.