Children of the 80’s will understand. As a teenager, Myf’s mum wouldn’t allow her to partake in the biggest fashion trend gripping her peers – a perm. Looking back, Myf now realises her mum might have had a point, but at the time Myf thought it was ‘nice’. And that’s just what we could expect from this new 6-part series in Myf Warhurst’s Nice.

It will be a fun journey with Myf as she takes viewers on a nostalgic journey through music, fashion, photography, art and design, to find out what our popular taste say about us, and ask whether our cultural icons and trends tell us more about who we are than we’ve been prepared to admit. Just don’t tell any one.

Exhibit A delivers thus (for those that can’t/won’t remember, that’s Craig McLachlan, and the song is Mona he and his band Check 1-2 had a hit with back in the day):

Myf Warhurst’s Nice – Wed 8pm, ABC1.