Looking sharp, team

New year, new promo. There muse be something in the water.

7 News Brisbane are picking up on the success of this style of promo run already in Perth and Adelaide and have “Queensland-ised” it, and it looks very snappy. Great shots from around the state and including the 7 News team showing how “of the people” they are (they really are nice people, so it is ironic that the promo has to show shots of how nice and normal they are). At least the news team are no longer slowly walking towards me for no apparent reason. NO. REASON. That was just plain unsettling & creepy.

Add to this (and other shows getting a facelift) the 7 News Brisbane set got a complete upgrade over the weekend and was revealed tonight leading into the tennis. No word if the same will be seen from 9 News Brisbane (Ten News Qld unlikely to get a makeover given their freshen up in 2011).