I normally preview episodes of shows by myself. Given Seven’s new family entertainment series SlideShow is squarely aimed at the entire family I decided to involve my eight year old son in the process this time to see what he thought.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Mr8 laughed like a drain through the entirety of each episode and it really lifted my mood and reminded me to just enjoy watching the show.

Based on a French format by way of a Shaun Micallef sketch the main premise of SlideShow is to present the two teams, ably captained by Cal Wilson and Toby Truslove, with situations to act out improvisationally in a set that has been tilted 22.5 degrees from horizontal. These scenarios bookend the show with a number of theatresport games in between – which can make for a lot of fun.

It’s Grant Denyer’s new hosting vehicle and while the former Sunrise weathergirl doesn’t have an acting/impro background he does pretty well to keep up. Certainly the strength of the show is in the guests (two per team each week) and the second episode with Frank Woodley is very, very funny.

Guaranteed you won’t need to think when you watch and episode of SlideShow – it’s the lightest of light entertainment but you just might find yourself laughing along with the participants (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

SlideShow – Wed 7:30pm, Channel 7.