The Veep and her team are back, and they can barely contain themselves.

Season two ended with the revelation that the President wasn’t going to run for re-election, opening the door for the Veep, or Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), to offer her candidacy and run for the most powerful office in the world. As usual things never run smoothly… POTUS still has to announce publicly he’s not running. Also there’s the issue of the other candidates that will throw their hats into the ring. And then there’s the team that help get the dysfunctional Veep through the day. So begins a waiting game of proportions Machiavellian and humour epic.

First issue: who will be her campaign manager?

Veep has many strengths. The cast, including Gary Cole, Anna Chlumsky, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott, Kathy Najimy (a new comer this season), and Tony Hale as Selina’s brow-beaten-and-personal-attack-chihuahua Gary as as strong as ever. The writing is sharp, vulgar, and often exposes politics for the self-parody it is. House of Cards and The West Wing may hold the mantle as supreme political dramas in the US; Veep holds its own against these two with the same biting and insightful commentary on the machinations of Washington, DC.

When Louis-Dreyfus lets rip it is a sight to behold, yet offers much more than an egotistical Vice President. She’s nuanced and graceful yet blunt like a brick to the head. Veep is a worthy vehicle for her and her talents and watching her hold court as the VP is worth the price of admission alone.

“I’d rather be shot in the fucking face than serve as Vice President again. In the fucking face.” – Selina Meyer.

If you’ve not seen the 8 eps of S01 and 10 eps of S02 they’re available in full for binge watching this weekend on Foxtel Play – a very easy Saturday or Sunday awaits you with six hours of some of the best comedy coming out of the US.

Brutally funny and deliciously delivered, Veep S03 promises more of everything fans love about the series with the added tease of a Presidential campaign. Also, the rise/fall/rise/fall of Jonah is something we can all enjoy. No punches pulled.

Veep S03 (10 eps) – Mon 5:30pm/9:30pm AEST, Showcase.