There is a plethora of kid’s television shows available to everyone these days, thanks now to digital multi channelling on free-to-air television. ABC2 is leading this charge by providing dedicated programming for children from 8am to 6pm 7 days a week. It’s a hit in our house with the Kidlets (and with @LovelyWife). Me – I remember growing up with only two channels (ABC & 10-4-5a out of Toowoomba) & having to sit through Play School just so I could see the Banana Splits.

ABC2 must be a nightmare to program. 10 mintue shows here, 5 mintue shows here, 90 second fillers, 15 second fillers. In a world where we normally only have to divide 60 by 2 trying to squeeze 5-8 shows into a normal hour plus promos must be outrageously demanding (whoever is responsible – just keep doing it, for the sanity of parents with kids under 5 across Australia).

Mr5 & Miss3 have their favourite shows. Oh yes. The shows they cannot move from until it is over. The shows they love the theme songs to and sing them on repeat incessantly. The shows where they insert themselves as characters or interact with the characters when they’re playing & using their imagination after the TV is switched off. They also have discerning tastes. Not just anything passes muster in this household. So it was wise that they were consulted on their thoughts on a sample of shows on ABC2 at the moment.

In each situation, all comments are transcribed as they offered them, with questions or statements that lead to the comment in parenthesis. Opening credits & a clip from each are provided to assist with some context.

Tinga Tinga Tales
Miss3: (Why do you like it?) We haven’t seen it. I like every single colour of animals. The tortoise runs so quick.
Mr5: I like that the tortoise flew and ran so fast. I like all the animals. I don’t like it when the flamingoes say the “tinga tinga tales” bit together. I like pretty much everything.


Roary the Racing Car
Miss3: Sigh I’ve seen it lots of times. I like the pink & purple girl cars.
Mr5: I like when Roary is the leader on the starting line. I like that it’s about car. Big Chris & Roary are my favourites.


The Koala Brothers
Miss3: I like all of them (the characters). I like that they are people animals.
Mr5: (he immediately starts dancing when the theme music starts) Aw yeah! I love the Koala Brothers! Frank & Buster are helping people. They live in Australia, I think. (Do you know what they are?) I only know that Frank & Buster are koalas & Josie is a kangaroo.


Captain Mack
Miss3: I love this show! 3 people trick them. Grabby Crabby steals things; Tracey Trickster tricks people; Marty Meddler, he tries to trick people too.
Mr5: I like it when the dolphin jumps out in front & the dolphin splashes in front of ship. This show’s about helping people. I like when Tracey Trickster steals the special thingy(!).


The Hoobs
Miss3: I like this a bit (with her face screwed up). (Is it that you don’t like the puppets?) What puppets?
Mr5: I don’t know what it’s about. The Hoobs try and solve stuff. They ask the tiddlypeeps to help them solve stuff so they can understand about it. Hubba Hubba & Groove are my favourites.


Miss3: Louie helps people by drawing stuff for them. I like the pictures he draws.
Mr5: Louie draws pictures and makes them come alive. Louie makes me want to draw, but I don’t know what he wants me to draw but when I find out I can’t draw it. I have tried once copying Louie but it’s too tricky.


The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill & his best friend Corky
Miss3: The snow monsters are their friends. (She laughs out loud at a slapstick gag) I like how they make things out of other things.
Mr5: I like seeing them be made from different bits & painting them. I like seeing things get made. I like it when they use food to make the trees & other rubbish stuff. (What’s the show about?) It’s about Bill & Corky finding out things & them looking after things but they don’t quite do it. I like this the best.


Mister Maker
Miss3:  I LOVE Mister Maker. Maybe we can make one of these like what he’s making. I like the different things he makes. The shapes are funny.
Mr5: Mister Maker is good at making things & he makes things that we can make and not make. I like it when he gets the dried clay & the googly eyes. He makes stuff out of them. He makes his own house. I’ve made something that Mr Maker made. It was easy & hard. I did it with mummy & my sister.


After that exhaustive review, the Kidlets were then asked what was other television shows they like to watch:

Miss3: Chuggington; Zigby, The Block – I don’t like it when the nasty lady wins and she won last week.
Mr5: The Block (they are all building things & one wins a prize); RSPCA; Bondi Vet; RPA – they all help animals and they help people. They are good shows to watch.

What are you favourite kids shows? What do your kids (or you) like to watch, & where does it live?


Image/Video sources: ABC2.