"...and don't call me Shirley"

Leslie Nielsen died today in hospital from complications from pneumonia, aged 84.

This man was such a huge part of my formative comedy years – from watching him first on Airplane!/Flying High and being too young to get the gags (the first time), it was the Naked Gun series building on the 6 episodes of Police Squad that caught my attention and built a whole new career for this one-time serious actor turned comedy genius. This guy worked with OJ back when he was a retired footballer looking for a break in movies (yes, a while ago now).

Anyone that can play God in Herman’s Head has my vote for comedic genius.

Reading through his IMDB profile shows just how hard working he was, even up to his passing. The man could deliver a fart gag with a straighter face than no one else, and cast comedic asides with the ease of tossing a cigarette butt. A good man who knew his schtick and schtuck to it.