A Boob between four boobs

Yes, the title is intentional. I still don’t get it. The laugh track is working overtime, and I’m struggling to hear why. Maybe if they made the track louder so that it masked the actual dialogue this show would work like an olde-time Chaplin film. No, wait, not enough slapstick. Tragedy – check. Pathos – what? Humour – thin on the ground.

Both “stars” Charlie Sheen & Jon Cryer must go home to their mansions, shut the front door made of gold, drop their keys on the platter held by one of their butlers, & chuckle to themselves as they wander the many rooms that CBS built for them. They are on obscene money, in no small part to this situation “comedy” raking in the dough for the channels that air it. The best thing CBS could have done for Charlie Sheen, it seems, was start taking money off him.

I give you my preview of the upcoming episode. I am prepared for your slings & arrows. The “highlights” video is offered simply for the joy that is Judd Nelson & Ryan Stiles. It spoils nothing of the plot, such that it is.

Two & a Half Men – S08E04 (Channel 9 airdate: 08/11/10)

  • Alan burnt down the house.
  • Far too much being made of Alan & his “half-man” living with Charlie for 7 years.
  • How many gags can you get out of a burnt down house? Seemingly, none.
  • Oh look! Judd Nelson!
  • The US ads in this preview disc are proving to be more interesting than the ep.
  • Fart gag.
  • Fart gag 2.
  • Philosophic Charlie. Marginally better than Hilarious Charlie.
  • Everyone’s so angry – where is the love? Oh, there it is. Charlie’s off with a hooker…

For fans – enjoy! For others – ramming a red hot poker in your eye repeatedly whilst being eaten from the feet up by an obese & lazy crocodile would be more enjoyable. AVOID.


Image/Video sources: NiharsWorld.com; TVfanatic.com; Channel 9.