What a waste of a perfectly good telecaster

Everyone, just stop for a moment and pray thanks to your deity of choice that this is one competition that couldn’t end in a tie and force a replay in a week’s time.

Not even the always entertaining Jay Kay or Australian rocker grandads INXS could salvage this self-perpetuating vortex of televison. All the buzzwords – “journey”, “grown”, “potential”, “Australia’s best performer”. Luke Jacobz looking like a young Jack Nicholsen as The Joker in Batman (how big is that guy’s mouth?!). Over the top staging. For a show that’s meant to be all about the performer and their “x factor-ness”, elaborate staging usually only means on thing: they suck. No matter how many fireworks you throw at a show, it will still not make it be good when a vacuum of talent exists.

Anyone that enjoyed this series (all 7 of you) won’t be reading this, and the remainder don’t want a recap – so I won’t bother with one. There is too much pain surrounding a show that reportedly cost $25million to stage when so many other decent shows could have been given a life with that much coin. Please – PLEASE Channel 7 executives – please don’t subject us to this again.

There was far too much focus on the mentors instead of the talent. By the end of the series I was hoping Guy or Natalie would win. Love or loathe Kyle Sandilands at least he says something of interest, even if it is only to create conflict or media interest. His schtick has well worn out it’s welcome, however.

For the record: Altiyan won. For some reason. A travesty of the highest order in the world of X Factor travesties. Yes Australia, this is your “winner”…

The one thing that Channel 7 did well in at least attempting something different was the Xtra Factor. A show running straight out of the main show on digital multi-channel 7Two allowed fans to interact with the show via Facebook and Twitter, and host Natalie Garonzi did a great job independent of the hand she was dealt. Go girl.


Image/Video sources: Channel 7.