He just saw his next payslip.

There’s been a lot happening over in North Sydney. The Block is nearing completion, but not without trauma. Thank. God.

Chez had certainly positioned herself as the bitch, however Jake & Erin are doing their best to leave the show with no friends. From working at times they shouldn’t be to having Jake’s yet to be revealed twin brother prank the other couples with apologies they really are cruising for a bruising. Chez is still a bitch, by the way (and does the best impression of a fish’s bum I’ve ever seen).

This week it’s time to open up that living space by demolishing the wall between the living room and the dining room, to deliver the living room. As nice as they look, and for all the work done by the tradies, I’d never move into one of these money pits. Danger, danger, Will Robinson. Lack of sleep is showing in tense body corp meetings, relationships & some dodgy decisions with room finishes. Certainly all competitors have underestimated what it means to deliver a room a week for 8 weeks straight.

A visit is made to a ‘neighbour’ to see the kinds of things the couples should be aiming for. At $10m, it’s pretty kickass – and nothing like what they’ll deliver in their little flats but it does offer lots of great ideas. As for the side-competition, well… you be the judge. The surprise twist & reveal for that, however, is gold. Great work for Duncan & his personal achievement too (in spite of the competition).

The drama of the episode has already been revealed by TV Week (yeah, thanks for that), but I won’t spoil it here. It involves painting and disqualification from judgement. The word cheat is bandied around a lot. Drop a comment after you’ve seen it as to your thoughts. I have a pretty firm view on it and I’m disappointed by it. It’s not within the spirit of the game. Scott Cam having to play referee isn’t his finest role, but it’s necessary. It’s also interesting to note the disqualified couple aren’t present at the announcement of the winner either. Or at the informal celebration after inspection.

The winner of this week was indeed worthy – and as it’s the run down to the final the smart couples are eyeing off the complete, finished picture. Although their die was cast with the first room 7 weeks ago, it’s now how they finish that will determine who’ll get the best outcome. All we’re left with now are completing the kitchens, balconies & common areas and the great big auction. The game is still anyone’s, although we all have our favourites. All four couples are delivering consistently high standard rooms making it too difficult to separate them. Bring on the final episode…


The Block (S03E07) – 7:30pm Wed 10/11, Channel 9
Image/Video sources: Channel 9.