It is coming…

Channel 7 have just announced the initial line up of challenges for the Australian version of Iron Chef.

  1. Chris Badenoch, former Masterchef contestant, will be joined in Kitchen Stadium by partner Julia Jenkins. 
  2. Dan Hong, Head Chef, Lotus Bistro and Bar Sydney, mixes Asian influences with fresh European flavours and modern cooking techniques. 
  3. Sacha Meier, Head Chef and Manager of Ba Ba Lu Restaurant and Bar, Lorne, Victoria, specialises in Spanish-style food and tapas.
  4. Judyta Slupnicki, Head Chef and owner, Phore Seasons, Adelaide. Her aim is to take recipes from her homeland of Poland and give them a modern edge.
  5. Matt Stone, Head Chef, Greenhouse Restaurant, Perth, is passionate about healthy sustainable gourmet food.
  6. Herb Faust, Head Chef, Scotch College, Perth is known to cook a good curry for 150 boarders and staff.

A great line up to start with, most notably a coup with Chris of #MasterChef series 1 fame. His “nose to tail” method is sure to be a big feature of his challenge. Personally, I hope he is up against Guy Grossi (and wipes the floor with him). I will admit to knowing very little about the other contestants, but I look forward to their intro package on the show explaining their heritage.

This is shaping up to be a cracker of a series.

Italian heart, Australian head

Guy Grossi will feature as Iron Chef Italian in the upcoming Australian series.

Iron Chef Australia, 7 Network, Tuesdays 7:30pm.
Image Sources: 7 Network