Congratulations to Jud “Fabio” Birza on winning the 21st series of Survivor, based in the latin American country of Nicaragua. He slid into the final 3 by winning the last three immunity challenges straight, breaking up a vital alliance of Holly, Sash & Chase & defeating the latter two in the final vote. Fabio received 5 of the 9 available votes; Chase received 4; Sash didn’t record a single vote.

In an action packed finale Fabio performed strongly in the challenges to ensure he was delivered from the Final 5 to the Final 3, while still playing the game in the same positive & social manner he has the whole season. In winning Survivor Fabio, who turned 21 the day after the final/announcement episode was recorded, received a US $1m cash prize and intends to use it to look after his family as well as to start a production company that will allow him to travel the world and “connect the dots” between indigenous music styles.

Season 22 of the series was previewed at the end of the episode, featuring a new twist to the show’s format allowing contestants voted out to compete to stay silently in the game on Redemption Island – a long awaited modification desired by both Executive Producer Mark Burnett & host Jeff Probst. One can only hope that this new series will receive better programming treatment from Channel 9 to allow fans to enjoy this latest series without the risk of internet/social media spoilers.