Congratulations to Lachlan and Sarah, winners of 2011 Beauty & the Geek Australia. The pair took home $100,000 between them, beating Julian and Jordan, though Lachlan did form a relationship with Jordan while on the program so quite possibly he’s the ‘real winner’.

The beauties & geeks battled it off through school-based challenges, a dance battle, a kissing booth challenge, and finally a Q&A challenge on each beauty on her geek & vice versa. This third series continued the high-brow/low-brow mix with ease, and Bernard Curry is now far more comnfortable as host of this insane menagerie. It contained more of the same crazy challenges, including one where Lachlan opted to have his and his beauty’s name tattooed on his bum to ensure immunity for that round.

Other series highlights included: for the first time a male beauty & female geek were introduced early in the series causing quite the ruckus within the group; the makeovers were spectacular again (delivered by Henry Roth); the hooking up of Lachlan & Jordan; and announced in the finale, the engagement of male beauty Troy and female beauty McKenzie.

It’s been smart programming by Channel 7 to run this program in the late part of the year, as audiences relaxed and seek enjoyable, undemanding shows (you don’t get much more undemanding than this). The series regularly won it’s timeslot and is slated to return next year as a part of Channel 7’s 2012 schedule of programs.