Welcome the reign of the 'Traxedo'...

Channel 9 have been playing the promos ad nauseum, and I’m pretty sure we’d all heard enough of Hamish’s poor rendition of “New York, New York”. Finally tonight we saw the start of what Hamish and Andy are spending all the reported money on, as the first and 10th last episode of Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year hit our collective small screens.

For the badly sung intro to the ‘shabby shabby’ set (there wasn’t anything chic about it), it was pure Hamish and Andy cheekiness, Traxedos included. Light, inoffensive fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Firmly in the nature of all their recent TV work and entirely reflective of their once a week radio show. How did first time viewers know they have a radio show? They mentioned it at least 6 times across the hour. Tough habit to break I guess.

The show was unapologetically their schtick and this is what will make or break them – their caravan of courage specials have rated well for their fish-out-of-water approach, and while their segments in the wild of America (catfish noodling and the jetlag gags in this first ep) worked well they were only a small part of the show. The first 30 minutes was basically them behind a desk delivering some good comedy varying between crickets and pretty good comedic bits, however it started to get old kinda quick. It was fun, but not compelling. Absolutely enjoyable light entertainment TV sure to secure them a Logie in 2012.

I also made these random observations as the show progressed:

  • Love the Buskateers, but their audio sucked big time.
  • What’s with Andy’s hair?
  • DAMN that catfish was big, but I don’t think it was caught because of Hamish.
  • Hard to get a read on Taylor Swift in her interview – was she enjoying herself?
  • The jetlag gags were very funny.
  • WTF R2-ToDo?
  • Yeah, what IS with Andy’s hair?
  • A tattoo of the timeslot – that just cannot end well.
  • Neil Patrick-Harris entertaining, but too amused by the situation. Interview far too short.
  • NPH was very generous with the Neil Patrick-Harrison Ford gag.
  • ANDY – do something about the hair with all those reported bajillions. PLEASE.

Those that are twitter fiends we’re encouraged to tweet what they thought using the hashtag #HamishAndAndy – though for brevity’s sake I would have thought #GapYear would have been a smarter move. Anything and everything related to the TV show is very smartly connected to their main site (H&A retained all web interests as a part of their deal with Ch9). They have indeed surrounded themselves with smart people.

For a first ep it was a great turn. There are absolutely things that require tightening, and we’re likely to see the benefit of that in the weeks to come. There is no fear of this show not making it’s full 10 weeks – though the ratings may be a bit up and down – the calibre of guests will likely assist either way. Channel 9 need not fear… all that cash is being put to good use, as Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year has shown these boys know how to have fun and entertain in a way everyone expected them to.

Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year – Thursdays 8:30pm, Ch9.