I've got my good eye on you two...

Richard Clunes from the Herald Sun reports today that Hamish & Andy are “poised to sign a lucrative 3 year deal with Channel 9”. If so then the comedic duo will have had shows on Ch7, Ch10 & now Ch9… the latter likely drawing them their best salary yet.

With their production company Radio Karate (with Ryan Shelton & Tim Bartley) expected to deliver 12 x 1hr shows per year for the duration of the deal, it casts a long shadow over the future of Hey Hey It’s Saturday and it’s return for 2011. With new comedy new shows on the network from Ben Elton (Live from Planet Earth) & Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee (The Joy of Sets), the schedule is short on slots for Daryl & the gang.

With their specials on the Ten Network rating as highly as they did the pair come to the network with high expectations – will they rate as well, given their appeal has been towards younger demographics? Additionally finding them a good slot will be important to their success – a 7:30pm Tuesday slot their most probable home, up against Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (a show they’ve both frequented as stars attached to Ch10). Wednesday also a possible solution. It is also expected H&A will appear on other Nine Network shows for cross-promotion and ratings draw.

Hamish & Andy have been guarded with their plans for 2011 after ‘retiring’ from the full time drive shift on the Austereo network in November 2010. They will continue their radio career in 2011, delivering the Friday drive shift on the network while Fifi Box & Jules Lund host Monday-Thursday. For now.


Image souce – News.com.au; TheVine.com.au