Spewing. For whatever reason, I missed recording the first parts of this morning’s two shows. Consequently, I only pick up my commentary from about 7:30am. That said, I’m not sure I missed *too* much…

Friday seems much more relaxed across the board. It’s still all ties on Today and no ties on Sunrise, but the content is very casual and (if possible) lighter on the whole, particularly the last hour.

Importantly – the data gathering/experience is done. Now for the article…

The Today Show (Ch9) – Friday 18/02/11

SEE! Karl tie...

Hosts: Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson
News: Georgie Gardner
Sport: Ben Fordham
Weather: Steven Jacobs
Entertainment reporting: Richard Wilkins/Richard Reid

  • Late to the party, but here we go anyway.
  • “Feared dead”, Karl? The word is that he was set upon by two of them. You’d have to say he IS dead.
  • Neil Breen is an interesting character, isn’t he?
  • It’s official – Richard Reid is on my list.
  • Cancer is bad.
  • Man vs machine (or Lisa vs Karl).
  • The Today Show logo made of nuts. It speaks truth.
  • There’s a cure for cellulite now?! Excellent, now for cancer…
  • A pop-up cafe? That’s cool. Great location, too.
  • OMG, It’s Lily Tomlin! What a legend.
  • Did Lily Tomlin insist she only be interviewed by a lady, Portia de Rossi style?
  • Awesome that they kept Lily on the line to see her response to Karl’s comment.
  • The last 5 minutes on the couch to award the “quintessential Aussie bloke”. Southern Cross tattoos at 20 paces.
  • Welcome home HMAS Melbourne.
  • Mitch on the couch with Fordo & Karl – and due to a long ad break that’s it stright over to Kerri-Anne without a “best bloke” winner.

Sunrise (Ch7) – Wednesday 16/02/11

...and Kochie no tie!

Hosts: Melissa Doyle, David Koch
News: Natalie Barr
Sport: Simon Reeves (Mark Baretta travelling back from V8 Supercars commitments in the Middle East)
Weather: Grant Denyer
Entertainment reporting: Nelson Aspen

  • I feel like I slept in!
  • Mel’s back! A team vs A team.
  • Kochie interviewing Bryan Ferry re: Roxy Music tour. He’s barely containing himself.
  • It’s a much more relaxed atmosphere all round with both shows today.
  • Neil Mitchell & Andrew Moore getting all upset over the price of toilet paper.
  • The Sunrise ticker is offering segment pun names at 20 paces.
  • Don’t forget to vote in the Logies.
  • Denyer’s in Chinchilla to promote the Melon Festival. With a melon on his head. Comedy GOLD!
  • The only thing that melon skiing is missing is being towed by a car and serious injury.
  • If anyone is looking for Grant’s body, it was last seen near Zanoni St, Chinchilla.
  • Thoroughly surprised Kochie didn’t refer to the people of Chinchilla as “battlers”.
  • Time to continue the Houso’s controversy from Today Tonight last night. Include cut from TT.
  • “Australia’s most offensive comedy.” At least it takes the heat off Ben Elton.
  • May as well ask people who’d know – Susan Hetherington (she’s a social commentator!) & Tim Ross.
  • Rosso’s got it: “Housos isn’t for everyone, but I thought it was bloody funny. We take the piss out of everyone.”
  • Why aren’t I seen as a social commentator?! I have opinions, dammit!!
  • It is light on today – Fifi Box delivering a story on “stars and their dummy spits”. This tastes like marshmallow.
  • Tyra Banks is a psychopath.
  • The cow tap dances now? This will not end well either.
  • MASSIVE plug by Berretts for his Rexona’s Something Athlete show. Don’t hold back, big man.
  • It’s now a watermelon slip n’ slide for Denyer to finish his last cross. That looks like fun.
  • Kochie wants a war on blades. He doesn’t get to inner-city suburbs very often, does he?
  • Someone called “Karl” leaves a comment on the soapbox, and Kochie immediately assumes it’s Stefanovic. The paranoia, it’s standard.
  • Nelson is such a smooth operator.
  • Lifting the Gaga interview from Good Morning America was totally worth it. “I spent 3 days inside the egg” – until she got out of it to get into the stage egg for her performance…
  • Kochie’s Angels picked up the rear view camera that Karl & Neil dealt with. No new insight.
  • …and then it got hot when the ladies admitted to checking out each other’s butts. Aw Yeah.
  • How do we know Dancing with the Stars is on shortly? Michael Miziner & his partner Rachael Finch are on talking about “is lying to your partner ever OK”? More thinly veiled cross-promotion.
  • Back out to Martin Plaza for the final segment, grilling Berretts on his involvement in a Corporate Triathlon he’s in this weekend. The girls calling for the package again seeing Berretts running down the road with Daniel MacPherson in training.