Day 2, and I’m not crazy. Yet. I am feeling the pain a little though.

This morning’s eps gave me a chance to get to know the characters a little better. How they relate, and are the on-screen relationships as core to the delivery of the programs as they like to suggest. Money is an on-going inducement to assist in growing the audience, as is who can offer the best mix of news and light entertainment. For one, entertainment news is a lynch-pin; the other it’s a punctuation mark. Importantly – we’re (expecting) to be at the “normal” line-up for both shows soon with Karl & Steve back for the Today Show tomorrow and Berrets back today for Sunrise. Even the names are confusing.

The Today Show (Ch9) – Tuesday 15/02/11

Mornin' Ladies...

Hosts: Georgie Gardner, Lisa Wilkinson (no Karl today)
News: Alicia Gorey
Sport: Ben Fordham
Weather: Emma Freedman
Entertainment reporting: Richard Wilkins/Richard Reid

  • No Karl AGAIN?! Am I being taunted?!
  • Lisa welcomed Georgie to the desk, formally, by first name (at least).
  • I do love the term “helicopter parent”. Reminds me of the term “Seagull management”.
  • Big Grammys recap throughout the morning, including clips.
  • Ooh look – Jessica Marais is leaving Packed to the Rafters. Let’s mention that.
  • With the show lacking another male at the Desk, Ben working hard to have a good chat with the girls.
  • Richard Reid is FAR TOO SHOUTY. And why are his shirts such talking points?
  • Hurry up and vote for Karl in the Logies.
  • Bill Murray wins a Pro-Am. I need to re-watch Caddyshack.
  • Eddie McGuire vs Kevin Sheedy… we all know where the smart money is for that bet.
  • Emma’s in the middle of a roundabout in Manly, creating her own traffic hazard.
  • All the ladies have brought on the sexy couture today. Nice.
  • FAKE. ADELAIDE TEN. ASHES GAG. A complete setup.
  • Thank God for Cee-Lo Green. Madonna & Elton John’s love child.
  • Ross Greenwood only gets 1 minute to talk finance?!
  • 4G/LTE – don’t believe the hype (at least if you live in Dubbo).
  • This “Most Clicked” section gets a couple of airings. A couple too many I think.
  • First money giveaway – NO DICE! Jackpots to $30,000. Ahh, live television.
  • Thank GOD no Andrew Bolt. Deb Thomas is much nicer to view at the very least.
  • Are we still talking about Michael Klim’s return to international competitive swimming?
  • Ahh Mike Dalton… the comedic relief we’re not laughing with.
  • Promote the cash giveaway. Probably need to, seeing as the last 3 attempts haven’t quite worked.
  • I’ve liked Henry Roth since he did the Beauty & the Geek Australia makeovers last season. His segment this morning didn’t change that. But it is always about the “takeaway” (at least 7 times).
  • Do we really trust Julie Goodwin to teach us how to make your kids to eat veggies? REALLY?!
  • Emma Freedman looking much more glamourous today (BridgeClimb outfit never flatters), and announces the return of “Stevie” Jacobs to the weather tomorrow.
  • FINALLY! SOMEONE ANSWERED THE PHONE RIGHT AND WON SOME MONEY!!! ($30,000 is a decent enough reason to say “I wake up with Today” for me).
  • Brenda crying doesn’t make for a great interview, no matter how bad she needed the cash.
  • The offer of a follow-up call off air for Brenda – necessary, and good call.
  • Sophie Faulkner informing us of the top ranked Australian celebs “by us”. Only two still live in Australia. Role models is a little better for residency (and well done Geoff Heugill for making that list).
  • BWAHAHAHAHAHA – Negative celeb role models (5 to 1): Lara Bingle, Ben Cousins, Kyle Sandliands, Sam Newman, Matthew Newton.
  • “No surprises there. There’s no excusing violence against women, but he (Matthew Newton) is under a lot of pressure…”. Oh. My. God.
  • Julie Goodwin time! Sneaky veg; camouflaged veg; bacon and sour cream veg; duck & weave veg; eat it or you’ll taste the back o’ me hand veg; you just have to taste it veg.
  • Somebody – please – I’ll pay you – silence Richard Reid.
  • “Kids on the fridge”. Those kids are too young to appreciate this. Really.
  • Show finishes with a nice cast stand up around the kitchen set. See you tomorrow!

Sunrise (Ch7) – Tuesday 15/02/11

Mel, Kochie (polite nod)...

Hosts: Melissa Doyle, David Koch
News: Natalie Barr
Sport: Simon Reeves (Mark Baretta travelling back from V8 Supercars commitments in the Middle East)
Weather: Grant Denyer
Entertainment reporting: Nelson Aspen

  • Bank Wars! Brought to you by George Lucas.
  • A *big* welcome back to Mark Beretta.
  • Lots of rolling reminders of the hosts twitter accounts on the ticker.
  • Grant Denyer admits to being “a bit of a boofhead.” News at eleven.
  • Why is Grant whispering when he’s the ONLY ONE IN THE MUSEUM?!
  • I do enjoy seeing Seamus Byrne on the telly. But a Facebook phone?
  • SEAMUS SPEAKS TRUTH – wireless will not replace fibre-to-the-home. But it helps.
  • The Cash Cow is busting some moves. That’s it, I’m off to the abbatoir.
  • Mel’s outfits seem to swing from MILF to Matron, with very little room in between.
  • Both Today and Sunrise covered the royal wedding party announcement. To. Death.
  • Nelson looking very dapper. He’s also in New York answering questions about Jessica Marais leaving Rafters, stating “She has the full support of the 7 Network.” It just seeems back to front to have an American in America tell me Australian entertainment news. No shouting though.
  • I think Mel said goodbye to Nelson during the Liam Hemsworth footage. That or her mic was on. Either way, it ended kludgily.
  • 7am pre-news, and still with the Bank Wars. And sizzle for the Liam Hemsworth story we JUST SAW.
  • Morning Reaso.
  • I really want to see Denyer knock over one of the terracotta warriors. Just to see the chaos that would ensue.
  • NAB will be entirely impressed that Kochie read most of their break-up letter they published in the papers today in gentle, hushed tones.
  • Twice. They played the Rafters car accident scene at 7:13am twice. While kids are watching. All as a lead in to the dangers of talking on your phone while driving. I get the point, but TWICE?! One immediately following the other?!
  • Those naughty sports stars. Getting paid to promote unhealthy food while innocent parents don’t take the time to read the label.
  • Great unintentional cleavage shot with the shot of the Nutri-Grain and Gatorade. Point made and made well.
  • “Hello Ken, It’s Mel and Kochie and the Sunrise Cash Cow – you’ve won $15,000!” “Oh, wow.”
  • This morning’s controversy is brought to you by Neil Mitchell & Greg Carey. However, Father Bob rocks.
  • As Berretts isn’t nominated, it’s his job to remind us that Sunrise is nominated for Most Popular Light Entertainment Program, and that Mel, Kochie & Grant are nominated for Most Popular Television Presenter at the Logies. Go. Vote. NOW.
  • Fifi Box makes a token appearance to offer a Grammys wrap up. That’s some entertainment editor. Television or a 4 day-a-week radio drive show: you decide, Fifi.
  • My Kitchen Rules death threats – not cool. Sure, bag her out, but death threats? The Facebook pages will have to be survived, as that’s opinion and in this country (rightly or wrongly) people are free to have one.
  • Kane talked a lot; Lee did when Kane let her.
  • Kochie advocates a vigilante approach by James & Mel with regard to dealing with the MKR producers: “Get stuck into them.” Aren’t we talking about NOT doing that???
  • The “contestants living in fear” didn’t sound like they were living in fear, simply upset by a lot of the negative attention.
  • Those wacky Cash Cow dancers just pop up anywhere. And the illusion is ruined, with a nice message for the guy dancing… that ended up being in the Cash Cow outfit.
  • Those Bendigo Bank dudes in budgie smugglers out in Martin Place are just plain distracting. And not because they’re attractive, just because they are there.
  • Kochie compares Justin Bieber with Beethoven. Thank God this is nearly over.
  • Kochie’s Angels. It’s 8:45am. I don’t think too many people are noticing.
  • “Jessica Marais looks like Cate Blanchett, so that will really help her.” Heaven forbid her acting does that, Sally.
  • How long before Cousin Reggie moves in with the Rafters?
  • “Back-off beige.”
  • Jetstar sponsor Sunrise. The wedding was on a Jetstar flight. On Valentine’s day. I guess someone had to do it and let someone else pay for it and use their shots for Jetstar promo.
  • Kochie & Mel do play off each other very well.