(All ratings – 5 city metro combined and individual capitals – all figures in thousands)

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Primary Channels

Welcome back indeed. new offerings from all three major networks, and very few of them going unpunished. Channel 7 blitzed it in the News & “current affairs” stakes, and the return episode of Bones at 8:30pm proved extremely popular, as did S02E01 of My Kitchen Rules (although MKR did run extremely late, suggesting that there was some spillover from one to the other). Ladies who are suckers for a good French accent tuned in across the nation. As expected a new ep of Two and a Half Men rated strongly for Channel 9 (I despair at that thought), offering a leg up to $#*! My Dad Says – although the latter may have been simply out of curiosity. It was OK, so with that lead in consistently it will also perform.

Channel 10 was a distant third – with Glee delivering strongly but ultimately coming third at 7:30pm (even with 1.016 million). The 7PM Project surely benefitted from it’s following program, poking it’s head over 900K again for the first time in a while. On the good news front 6PM with George Negus bounced up 100K on Friday – hopefully a sign of it establishing itself and opportunities to build ahead.

Digital Multi-channels

7Two has found it’s market with British comedies and drama/soaps/serials help it to a solid win. Neighbours 3rd over all, Dexter 8th. A strong 5% share for 7Two and 4% for Eleven had these two digital multis head and shoulders above the others (7mate & GO! tied with 3.1%).