With only one show above one million and it *isn’t* the News, ABC1 looks pretty set with New Tricks (1st – 1,076,000) for a Friday night. Big Brother (10th – 656,000) fades away as it’s want to do on a Friday night, while Better Homes and Gardens (3rd – 946,000) solidifies its position as the favourite Friday night lifestyle program with viewers.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: A Current Affair – Ch9
7:00pm: ABC News – ABC1
7:30pm: Better Homes and Gardens – Ch7
8:30pm: New Tricks- ABC1
9:30pm: Grown Ups (2nd hour) – Ch9

Channel 7 won the night (20.2%), followed by Channel 9 (17.5%), ABC1 (15.7%) & Channel 10 (11.1%).