(All ratings – 5 city metro combined and individual capitals – all figures in thousands)

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Primary Channels

A big win for Channel 9 with both their News & the One Day International Cricket pulling big numbers for one and two (interesting to note that Channel 7 pipped Channel 9’s News by 1,000 people though). Big shifts downward for 6PM with George Negus & Ten Evening News does pose the question – what is acceptable for Channel 10 with regard to ratings for these shows? How low for how long before “changes” might need to be made? Sadly even Raising Hope isn’t scoring points for Ch10, although repeats of Modern Family arae doing OK for them – new eps of the latter starting this coming week. A nice win to Ch9 over Ch7 (just), mainly thanks to their 1 & 2 positions for the night.

Digital Multi-channels

Nothing came close to 7Two’s share last night (5.7%), beating SBS’s consolidated share for the evening. Neighbours down to 4th not awesome, but not that bad. It will not be surprising to see this show be wound down to a 1hr a week show, slotting into the night it rates highest. It certainly cannot last with it’s current ratings in its current format. Eleven & 7mate had a good showing, but it seems their primary demo was either watching the cricket, getting drunk to celebrate Australia Day, or both.