(All ratings – 5 city metro combined and individual capitals – all figures in thousands)

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Primary Channels

Slight dips for both 6PM with George Negus and Ten Evening News signals very clearly that night 1 for these shows is done, the fascination is over – now it’s up to the individual programs to prove their worth for the viewing public’s attention. The Australian Open Tennis – Night Session coming in at 7th with 750K nationally isn’t a great sign for the tournament, given it’s quarter finals time. More thought required for Channel 7 as to how they are going to breathe better life into these broadcasts in 2012. Home and Away is back too, not that you’d notice. Although the fans seem to have. Mostly.

Digital Multi-channels

Are You Being Served? The top program for the night?! That’s ludicrous. The numbers for Neighbours are all over the place – highest rating program at least once last week, 3rd on this occasion. The real tragedy here, however, is that new episodes of The Office US & Californication rated 27th & 33rd respectively. Both are quality programming, and major kudos to Eleven for running them consistently in the same slot at the same time (well, two weeks in a row so far). More of this sort of reliability, please, from all networks. One thing is for sure – Tuesday night is a big night for the digital multis…