Ratings – 24/03/12

Queensland a significant figure missing from most programming tonight due to most people being glued to the Qld State Election results (and congratulations to 9 News Brisbane for winning that local derby, with Channel 10 a glaring omission for not offering rolling coverage – expensive though it may be). Independent of this the ABC led the charge in the non-News stakes with New Tricks (3rd – 787,000) taking pride of place above even Seven’s AFL: Saturday Night Football (5th – 574,000). Weekend Sunrise (14th – 339,000) continues to set a new standard and lay even some episodes of the weekday version in it’s wake. The NRL games were strongest on subscription TV, followed closely by the Qld Election coverage from Sky News.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: Australia’s Funniest Home Videos – Ch9
7:30pm: New Tricks – ABC1
8:30pm: Seven’s AFL: Saturday Night Football – Ch7
9:30pm: Seven’s AFL: Saturday Night Football – Ch7

Channel 7 won the night (20.2%), followed by Channel 9 (18.8%), ABC1 (15%) & Channel 10 (8.9%).

Author: SteveMolk

I like TV. Have done since I was plonked down in front of Sesame Street & Play School as a kid in the 70's when we only had two channels. Now we have over 20 free to air channels so imagine how much time I spend on my fat arse. Keep up, people. You can contact me here or tweet me at: @MolksTVTalk

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