(All ratings – 5 city metro combined and individual capitals – all figures in thousands)

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Primary Channels

A mediocre ratings result for Channel 10’s new added hour of news in 6PM with George Negus and Ten Evening News (with Brisbane’s own Des McWilliam doing the intro voice over for the bulletin there). As mentioned yesterday this will be a marathon, and like the support The 7PM Project received so the same is expected for 6PM & TEN. This should lead to stronger results in 6 months. It was a solid outing, but a tough ask against established 6pm News bulletins that usually always rate in the Top5. A very strong with for Seven’s News in all markets.With so many programs returning/starting next week, the Top15 will receive a serious shake-up – expect more entertainment and standard high rating drama/reality to appear from next Monday.

Digital Multi-channels

Neighbours rates its highest numbers since launching on Eleven, but still beated by a repeat of Jonathan Creek – but only just. It’s 330,000 put it at 29th OVERALL for the night, beating Ch7’s day coverage of the Australian Open Tennis. Oh, for the networks to be able to show additional games on their digital multi-channels for events such as this (i.e. “important games” on the primary, “lesser knowns” on a digital multi). It times like these you look at the anti-siphoning list and shake your head (if you’re a Ch7 programmer, anyway).

Opportunities may be missed with the strength of the digital multi-channels as the networks gear for their 2011 season returns/launches of all their new programs. Eleven are the only channel making the most of this with new Dexter, Simpsons, Californication, etc, meaning a very tight race for 7Two, 7mate, GEM & Eleven, with GO! not far behind. Imagine what these channels would rate if they all showed some new release content exclusively. The days, they are coming…