Massive night for Gruen Nation (3rd – 1,052,000) drawing the highest non-News audience for the night… perhaps reflective that we prefer intelligent analysis of the election rather than the election itself. Wonderland (5th – 948,000) to a decent audience (much to the chagrin of Ten’s Howcroft after his prediction surely) though it’ll be the next two to three weeks that will be telling for the new twenty-something drama. MasterChef Australia (9th – 807,000) as its peak starts to build for the finale next week. SlideShow (7th – 932,000) maintains its dominance at 7:30pm due to lack of worthwhile competition. It’s the closest Wednesday night we’ve seen from the big four in weeks.

As for the debate with it relegated to alternate channels (and not a full suite at that) this is how it fared…
ABC News 24 – 227,000
7TWO – 191,000
Sky News – 43,000
SBS2 – 39,000

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Nine News – Ch9
6:30pm: A Current Affair – Ch9
7:00pm: Home and Away – Ch7
7:30pm: SlideShow – Ch7
8:30pm: Gruen Nation/The Hamster Decides – ABC1
9:30pm: This Week Live – Ch10

Channel 7 won the night (18.4%), followed by Channel 9 (16.6%), Channel 10 (14.6%) & ABC1 (14.4%).