A pretty average Tuesday night for the week of Christmas, however Ch7 knew exactly what they were doing by scheduling Love Actually (9th – 730,000). A pretty bland affair on the FTA channels, with everything you’d expect to win taking out it’s timeslot. 80’s movie week on GO! continued with a winning performance from Lethal Weapon (1st – 273,000), and the Twenty 20 Cricket Big Bash League (1st – 381,000) took out first position for Fox Sports 2 (with nearly 30,000 at the game that’s a pretty good turn out for this first season of this format of the game).

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: Today Tonight – Ch7
7:00pm: Big Bang Theory – Ch9
7:30pm: Megastructures/Highway Patrol – Ch7
8:30pm: Love Actually – Ch7
9:30pm: Love Actually – Ch7

Channel 7 won the night (24.4%), followed by Channel 9 (16.7%), ABC1 (12.8%) & Channel 10 (12.6%).