As a Network Seven wins the night though the primary channel is gazzumped by Nine winning everything after the news. The Block: Fans v Faves (1st – 1,571,000) does away with My Kitchen Rules (4th – 1,316,000) – admittedly the AFL was on in Adelaide, and in the battle of the Daniel Morcombe coverage it was the interview with Bruce & Denise on 60 Minutes (2nd – 1,477,000) that surely swayed the result in their favour against Sunday Night (8th – 1,055,000). The Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2014 – Race (3rd – 1,347,000) does well for Ten as does a movie at 7:30pm unsurprisingly, but the Network is still well off the pace.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: The Block: Fans v Faves – Ch9
7:30pm: 60 Minutes – Ch9
8:30pm: Fat Tony & Co – Ch9
9:30pm: Person of Interest – Ch9

Seven Network won the night (33%), followed by Nine Network (31.4%), Ten Network (16.9%) & ABC Network (14%).